2024 NBA Mock Draft: Alex Sarr goes No. 1, Knicks go with back-to-back frontcourt picks

NBA Mock Draft Hawks 2024
Atlanta Hawks general manager Landry Fields, right, and NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum pose for photos after Tatum announced that the Hawks had won the first pick in the NBA draft, during the draft lottery in Chicago, Sunday, May 12, 2024. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

For most of the league, it is officially NBA Mock Draft season as the 28 teams watching the Celtics and Mavericks battle it out for the Larry O’Brien Trophy from home look to start making the right moves to get into the championship picture. 

The problem is that this is one of the weakest draft classes ever, at least that is how this group of prospects is being perceived. 

Here is how we see the first round shaking out:

2024 NBA Mock Draft 1.0

  1. Atlanta Hawks: Alex Sarr, PF/C, Perth Wildcats (NBL), France
  2. Washington Wizards: Zaccharie Risacher, SF, JL Bourg (France)  
  3. Houston Rockets (From Nets): Donovan Clingan, C, UConn
  4. San Antonio Spurs: Stephon Castle, PG, UConn 
  5. Detroit Pistons: Reed Sheppard, G, Kentucky 
  6. Charlotte Hornets: Matas Buzelis, Point Forward, G League Ignite 
  7. Portland Trail Blazers: Tidjane Salaun, PF, Cholet (France)
  8. San Antonio Spurs (From Raptors): Cody Williams, SG, Colorado 
  9. Memphis Grizzlies: Dalton Knecht, SG/SF, Tennessee
  10. Utah Jazz: Rob Dillingham, PG, Kentucky
  11. Chicago Bulls: Nikola Topic, G, Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder (From Rockets): Ron Holland, SF, G League Ignite
  13. Sacramento Kings: Devin Carter, PG, Providence
  14. Portland Trail Blazers (From Warriors via Celtics & Grizzlies): Ja’Kobe Walter, SG, Baylor
  15. Miami Heat: Zach Edey, C, Purdue
  16. Philadelphia 76ers: Jared McCain, PG, Duke
  17. Los Angeles Lakers: Tristan Da Silva, SF, Colorado
  18. Orlando Magic: Kyle Filipowski, PF, Duke
  19. Toronto Raptors (From Pacers): Johnny Furphy, SG, Kansas
  20. Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyshawn George, SG, Miami (FL)
  21. New Orleans Pelicans (From Bucks): Isaiah Collier, PG, USC
  22. Phoenix Suns: Yves Missi, C, Baylor
  23. Milwaukee Bucks (From Pelicans): Carlton Carrington, PG, Pitt
  24. New York Knicks (From Mavericks): Kel’el Ware, C, Indiana
  25. New York Knicks: Bobi Klintman, PF, Sweden
  26. Washington Wizards (From Clippers via Mavericks & Thunder): Tyler Kolek, PG, Marquette
  27. Minnesota Timberwolves: Tyler Smith, SF, G League Ignite
  28. Denver Nuggets: Kevin McCullar Jr., SF, Kansas
  29. Utah Jazz (From Thunder via Raptors & Pacers): Adam Bona, C, UCLA
  30. Boston Celtics: Juan Nunez, PG, Spain

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