New York City may be President Donald Trump's hometown, but New Yorkers aren't letting that get in the way of protesting the president's policies and rhetoric.

In the months since Trump took office, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have taken to the streets to protest many of his key policies and executive orders.

Demonstrations have taken place all over the city, including outside Trump Tower, Trump International Hotel and Tower, at the Stonewall National MonumentBattery Park, Tompkins Square Park, Washington Square Park, Times Square and outside Kennedy Airport, where some travelers were detained when Trump's original travel ban took effect in January. And thousands of NYers took to the streets on May 4 when the president returned to NYC for the first time since taking office.

Here’s a look at other upcoming demonstrations and protests planned in the city.

Trump & Pence Must GO!

When: Saturday, July 15, at 4 p.m.

Where: Trump Tower, 725 Fifth Ave., Manhattan

"The Trump/Pence regime daily escalates its fascist attacks on immigrants and Muslims, on health care and the poor, on black and brown people, on women and LGBTQ folks, on the media, on the environment, on the right to protest, on the truth. We must say NO! Not just for ourselves, but in the name of humanity. Never underestimate the power of the people rising up together with right on our side."

Impeach Trump Bike Ride

When: Saturday, July 15, at 2 p.m.

Where: Washington Square Park, Manhattan

"Meet at the park. Then we ride. 45 has to go."

PHISHHEADS TRUMP HATE: Vibrate w/ Love+Light

When: Thursday, Aug. 3, at 4:20 p.m.

Where: Trump Tower, 725 Fifth Ave., Manhattan

"Details TBA. Fluffhead signs encouraged. Wilson chants. Meatstick dances."