Banana pudding cupcakes to debut at Magnolia Bakery

For a limited time only, you won’t have to decide between cupcakes and banana pudding.

It’s a poorly-kept secret that the homemade banana pudding is the best item on Magnolia Bakery’s menu. That is, unless you’re a cupcake fanatic.

Choosing between the two tantalizing sweets can be excruciating, but the bakery is making the decision a little bit easier come National Banana Pudding Day on Thursday.

Magnolia will debut its brand-new Banana Pudding Cupcake!

The BPC will consist of a Nilla wafer cupcake filled with sweet banana curd and topped with Magnolia’s signature banana pudding cream and a crunchy cookie.

Spoon is optional.

The new cupcake will be available at all Magnolia locations through Sunday, Aug. 30.

Banana pudding enthusiasts can use the hashtag #gobananas for the opportuntity to win free banana pudding for a year! FYI — a year’s supply means a free large banana pudding each week, so if you plan to eat more than that, maybe this contest isn’t for you.

For those who aren’t already hooked on Magnolia’s banana pudding, the store will also be giving out free samples of banana pudding on National Banana Pudding Day as well as a complimentary small banana pudding with the first 300 UberEats customers on Thursday.

Melissa Kravitz