A plain bagel, dumplings from a dubiously clean kitchen ... there's not much $2 dollars can buy you in NYC these days -- not even a ride on the subway.

To promote its new "eats" category, CUPS, the coffee subscription app, is treating New Yorkers to $2 munchies all day long on Thursday, Sept. 24. 

CUPS has curated a selection of edibles that pair well with coffee at many of its 80 coffee shops in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn and will offer every menu item for $2.

That Turtle Wafel you're not sure if you should splurge for at Wafels and Dinges? $2! 

Previously overpriced-seeming Avocado Mash Toast at Underline Coffee? $2!

The Rendang, Nasi Goreng or Lumpia you were too timid to try at Kopi Kopi? $2!

Sandwiches, salads and smoothies at The Bean? $2!

An excess of muffins, scones, croissants and more will also be offered for $2 Thursday; you may want to make room in your freezer to stock up for the weekend. 

Download to CUPS app for a full list of locations.