127 years later, Katz’s also wants to live in Brooklyn

Katz’s Deli will have what she’s having, and that’s a new home in Brooklyn.

It only took 127 years for Katz’s to realize that it too, like all your friends who have migrated to housing across the East River, wants to live in what some may call the better borough.

Since 1888, Katz’s has been doling out overstuffed corned beef and pastrami sandwiches at the corner of Houston and Ludlow.

While the deli’s original location is still seemingly safe, the New York Times reported Wednesday that Katz’s will indeed be expanding to Brooklyn. 

Generations of sandwich lovers make Katz’s a destination, but it seems as if this generation struggles with intra-borough dining options. 

“The main thing is that it’s hard to get down to the Lower East Side, and Brooklyn has been a strong part of our customer base,” Jake Dell, an owner, told the Times. 

Read: sandwich enthusiasts can no longer afford to live in Lower Manhattan. 

The new outpost of Katz’s will open in the new DeKalb Market, a planned 60,000-square-foot indoor food hall in Downtown Brooklyn which will have 57 vendors, including Trader Joe’s occupying 18,000-square-feet, when the market opens in about a year. 

Cookie butter on rye, anyone? 

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