Pea guacamole is the cover star on Food & Wine’s September 2015 issue

Is it time to accept alternative greens in our guac?

Joining September’s glossy magazine cover stars including Beyonce on Vogue, Karlie Kloss on Glamour and Demi Lovato on Cosmopolitan is the much-gossiped about celeb of the summer: pea guacamole, bright and green on Food & Wine’s newest issue.

#PeaGate was the foodie banter of the summer. Even President Obama weighed in on his favorite guac ingredients after The New York Times published their Green Pea Guacamole recipe in June. Inspired by the Spring Pea Guacamole recipe by the ever-crowded ABC Cocina’s, guac enthusiasts took to social media to voice their vexation with the spin on the avacado-mash. 

But the new Food & Wine cover is reportedly not a response to the summer’s biggest veggie controversy.

“In the September issue, we have a feature on brilliant star chef Enrique Olvera, and wanted to put one of his delicious dishes on our cover — the pea-spiked guacamole won out!”  F&W editor-in-chief Dana Cowin told Grub Street. “I’m a huge fan of this recipe, but I also love a classic version. I think there’s room for all!”

It looks like food writer Melissa Clark, who originally published the pea-guac recipe is #winning.

“Nice cover @foodandwine @fwscout!! #peaguacamole #trustthem #toldyouso” she Instagrammed along with an image of the pea-starring cover shot.

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