Detroit-style pan pizza takes NYC

A Roberta’s pop-up and an Emily spin-off called Emmy Squared are planned.

Pizza never, ever gets boring. And when two of the best pizza establishments in New York City both announce new pie endeavors, well, excitement and potentially cheesy chaos ensues. 

What’s most interesting about the news from Roberta’s and Emily, two Brooklyn pizzerias known for their inventiveness and attention to ingredients, is that both spots are spinning off into pizza territory not well represented in NYC: that of Detroit-style pan pizza. 

Emily is opening a brand new restaurant, Emmy Squared, just down Fulton Street in Clinton Hill from its original location. Roberta’s is doing a 10-day pop-up at Humboldt & Jackson in Williamsburg. 

Roberta’s has been making a square slice available at their Annex on the down-low for some time, and from Nov. 6-15 interested parties can make a plan to get some more officially. Try all the different toppings! And don’t miss the Bee Sting, a “secret” pizza you can get at any Roberta’s pop-up or at the Bushwick pizzeria, but never before on a square slice, cooked in a sheet pan. 

Emmy Squared should open in late winter or early spring, according to Grub Street. Matt and Emily Hyland, with Lou Tomczak, will run the restaurant, which will also serve Italian sandwiches. 

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