Brooklyn artist The Queen’s Artillery’s first solo exhibition to debut at Established Gallery

The Queen's Artillery side by side of the artist and her art
Photos courtesy of The Queen’s Artillery

Sandy Clafford, known artistically as The Queen’s Artillery, will debut her first solo exhibition called “Autonomy Redefined” at Established Gallery from March 10-April 2 in her home borough of Brooklyn.

“My upbringing in Brooklyn is a driving force behind my artistic inspiration,” said Clafford. “Through my work, I want to challenge and defy the narrow perspectives of modern Black culture and speak to the celebration and self-expression that are so important to the Black community.”

“Autonomy Redefined” will feature works from several of Clafford’s series, including “Motherhood” and “The Queen’s Court: Reclaiming My Time.” The exhibition will take visitors on a journey through the complex and intersectional experiences of an Afro-Latin woman and mother.

Gallery owners Hally and Johnny Thornton are excited to provide a larger platform for an emerging woman artist like The Queen’s Artillery during the month of women’s history celebrations.

“Showing The Queen’s Artillery during Women’s History Month is especially significant because her art explores the many intersections of what it means to be a woman,” said Hally.

The “Motherhood” series specifically focuses on Clafford’s experiences navigating motherhood as a young Black woman.

Photo courtesy of The Queen’s Artillery

“My experiences of motherhood have been shaped by the interlocking systems of patriarchy, ageism and racism,” Clafford said. “These systems have not only impacted my access to resources and support, but they have also perpetuated harmful stereotypes and discrimination that have policed my ability to fully embrace and express my role as a mother.”

Her goal is to challenge these stereotypes and societal norms to shed light on the complexities of Black motherhood through her art. 

“The Queen’s Court: Reclaiming My Time” provides a broader experience of Black culture and ancestral heritage as a whole. The series draws from Classical Era portraiture and includes signifiers of Black ancestral heritage and luxury culture. It showcases traditional oil paintings with various embellishments, like rhinestones, textiles, glitter and more.

The titles of individual works in this series take inspiration from colloquialisms from the African American vernacular and patois, examples include “Portrait of a Lady – Spilling the Tea” and “La Artilleria De La Reina – Gimme My Flowers Now.” 

Visitors can see these works and more beginning on March 10 at Established Gallery, located at 75B Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn. The gallery is open Thursday through Sunday from 3-8 p.m. or by appointment. 

For more information about the gallery visit www.establishedgallery.com or contact the gallery directly at 929-255-4739 or [email protected].