Jake T. Austin, Disney channel star, now dating NY superfan

Online reports say the two first met briefly IRL in New York in 2011.

A beacon of hope was ignited for fans of celebrities worldwide on Tuesday, when news spread that actor Jake T. Austin is in a relationship with his longtime “superfan” Danielle Ceasar.

Romance blossomed for the pair after a reported five-year-long pursuit by Ceasar, 22, who for years tweeted at the 21-year-old actor messages of affection.

The online posts (which have since been made private) range from the reasonably tame:

“I wanna meet @JakeTAustin so badly,” to the slightly unnerving: “Me & @JakeTAustin are getting married. Shh … he just doesn’t know it yet.”

Online reports say the two first met briefly IRL in New York in 2011 — Ceasar afterward tweeted a photo op pic of herself with her crush.

And a fateful tweet it was — the former Disney and Nickelodeon star followed his admirer back, and while it took another four years of persistence from Ceasar, the rest, as they say, is history.

Since Austin posted a loved-up snap to Instagram captioned “I’m crazy for her,” superfans of Justin Bieber, One Direction, et al have redoubled their efforts to reach their idols — and want to know Ceasar’s secret.

“Can someone put me in contact with Jake t Austin’s fangirl girlfriend I need to know how she did it,” tweeted Harry Styles fan Cortney Erin.

“Fangirl goals OMG,” was the reaction of many a Twitterer.

Reports of celebs beefing up security are expected.

Keira Alexander