Warning: This video contains potentially offensive language.

Ever wonder what President Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway were like as kids? James Corden has.

The late-night host reimagined their childhoods in a skit on “The Late Late Show” on Monday night, debuting a musical parody titled “Donald: The Musical.”

The four-minute skit stars Tim Minchin as Trump, Ben Platt as Spicer, Abigail Spencer as Conway and James Corden as Bannon. It opens with the four youngsters dressed in their school uniforms, playing on wooden swings, daydreaming about their futures while singing “When I Grow Up.”

In case you didn’t make it out to see “Matilda the Musical,” the scene is a parody of a musical number from the Broadway production. Only there are a few major differences.

While the cast of “Matilda” hopes their futures will be full of candy, sweets and sunny days, Corden’s rendition has little Trump dreaming of building walls and banning Muslims. A young Spicer sings that he hopes to “be press secretary of this land and lie about sizes of crowds and hands.” Bannon envisions a world where he’s chief strategist, and Conway longs for the day when she “will wake up to see tweets wrote at 4 a.m. that I will then have to defend, but I won’t care ‘cause I’ll be all grown up.”

Watch the Trump musical you didn’t know you wanted at YouTube.com/TheLateLateShow.