New York City area comedian makes parody music video about his family’s love for Chris Cuomo

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While the governor has been receiving a lot of attention online, a comedian based in the New York City area decided that Chris Cuomo needed some love as well.

Since the pandemic took full force, 32-year-old Paul Costabile has been in quarantine in just outside of NYC in New Jersey with his wife, Christina Perri, and daughter Carmella. One thing he noticed while in quarantine was that his wife always tuned in to Chris Cuomo every night for news updates surrounding the coronavirus.

“I started to tease my wife, saying things like ‘Wow you really have a crush on this guy,'” said Costabile. “It inspired me to write a song about it.”

Costabile admits that writing a song about the governor himself would have been just as successful, but it was Chris’s way of handling of the disease that helped sell it.

“It really became an homage to how charming and endearing he’s been,” said Costabile. “There is also the fact that he actually had coronavirus. The Cuomo brothers are a hot commodity right now, but a love song for Chris felt like the right option for people.”

Over the course of a week, Costabile wrote and produced the song, entitled “Everybody Loves Chris Cuomo,” with Perri, who is a songwriter herself. 

“[The song] eventually snowballed into my whole family loving Chris Cuomo,” said Costabile. “It was helpful having [Perri’s] help, I would bring her parts of the song and she would tell me how it should be fixed to make it better. She also helped shoot the scenes that she wasn’t in.”

Costabile has since posted the video on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. What Costabile didn’t expect was to find so many other people who were in a similar situation as him.

“The funniest comments on social media are from the people tagging their wives and significant others saying, ‘Us too!'” said Costabile. “The love for this guy is real. I’m glad I’m not alone.” 

Costabile works with NBC’s “New York Live” to produce comedy sketches, so it was only natural for him to produce similar content for the public while in quarantine.

“Being at home has ignited my passion for creating these types of bits,” said Costabile. “I’m trying to make something to make people giggle for a second.”

Watch Costabile’s “Everybody Loves Chris Cuomo” below:


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