NYC’s luckiest teen had Nicki Minaj perform at his Bar Mitzvah

Nikki Minaj-al Tov!

Forget Bar Mitzvah DJs, celebrity performers are now the key to having the best thirteenth birthday party in your seventh grade class.

Nicki Minaj performed at a Bar Mitzvah this past weekend and made sure to let her social media followers know about it.

When asking the Bar Mitzvah boy how old he was — way to do your research, Minaj — he responded “old enough.”

To read from the Torah?

Alright, Matt.

No word on what Matt’s giveaways were, but we do know that Minaj sang ‘Superbass’ — weren’t these kids like 7 when that was popular?! — and gave her own mini Bat Mitzvah speech at the New York themed soiree.

“Stay in school, and don’t be a slouch or a bum. And ladies never let a man have to take care of you, do you understand me? Be your own woman, be your own person. Do you understand me?” she preached.

Perhaps Minaj is breaking into a new career as a rabbi.

Melissa Kravitz