Susan Sarandon on Hillary Clinton: ‘I had to break up with her’

The actress said that she doesn’t trust Clinton.

Susan Sarandon “had to break up with” Hillary Clinton.

The actress has been a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders since he announced his plan to run for president, and she recently spoke at his rally in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. But Sarandon once had a friendly relationship with Clinton, and Colbert reminded her of that by showing an old photo of Sarandon and Clinton together.

“Look how happy we were and then I had to break up with her,” Sarandon said, explaining that she doesn’t trust Clinton.

The actress explained on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Wednesday that she disagreed with Clinton on a number of issues, from the Iraq War to fracking to minimum wage (Sarandon supports a $15 minimum wage, but she said Clinton has called that “impossible”).

Of Sanders, Sarandon said “He’s been consistently morally in the right place my entire life.”

She noted that the rest of the Democratic primaries are open, which is a positive sign for Sanders, who “does well with Independents.” She also said that “all kinds of crazy things could happen” at the Democratic and Republican conventions.

Sarandon also spoke briefly about Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

“I’m more afraid of actually Hillary Clinton’s war record and her hawkishness than I am of building a wall, but that doesn’t mean that I would vote for Trump,” she said.

Jamie Reysen