‘Wonder Wheel’ trailer: Justin Timberlake, Kate Winslet head back to ’50s Coney Island

Take Coney Island circa 1950, the iconic Wonder Wheel and a crowded beach, throw in some angry mobsters and you’ve got the basis of Woody Allen’s latest project.

The first trailer for the Brooklyn-set film “Wonder Wheel” was released Wednesday, showing Justin Timberlake as a lifeguard and Kate Winslet as a boardwalk waitress.

It opens with Timberlake manning a crowded beach and spans Luna Park on a sunny summer afternoon. Given that the film is set in the ’50s, the old Parachute Jump is still in action in the background. The 250-foot Jump, now a landmark, opened in the ’40s and shut down in 1964.

Fun aside, the trailer takes a darker turn when Juno Temple appears as Carolina, the daughter of the Coney Island carousel operator who’s trying to run from the mob.

“I’m marked. They’re gonna kill me,” Carolina says to her father Humpty (played by Jim Belushi) in the clip. Carolina, who apparently “knows where all the bodies are buried,” is trying to escape from her husband, a gangster. Winslet is drawn into the drama as Ginny, Humpty’s wife.

Watch the full trailer above.

“Wonder Wheel” will be screened Oct. 15 at the New York Film Festival and is set to hit theaters Dec. 1.