Day trip essentials for your next getaway

Getting out of town for the day means no luggage. But even if you’re not packing, you’ll still need some gear. Here are some day trip essentials to keep handy for your next adventure.

L.L.Bean’s Stowaway Day Pack

This backpack is small enough that it won’t be a burden, but big enough to store all your necessities, from your wallet and keys to snacks and a water bottle. $39.95; llbean.com

Clean Bottle Stainless Square

Lightweight, leak-proof, ergonomic and durable, this 20-oz. water bottle will last many a day trip. $44.95; cleanbottle.com

Perverse Ace sunglasses

Fall still calls for shades. Update your collection with this unisex pair. $45; perversesunglasses.com

Go-Comb Star Mirror

Freshen up from a windows-down car ride or a train trip with a run through your hair with this stainless steel model — so slim you can carry it in your wallet. $15.99; go-comb.com

Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen

This SPF 30 stick is perfect for on-the-go lips, face and eye-area protection — recommended year-round. $25; fresh.com

Vivitar Selfie Stick with Aux-in Wired Shutter Release

Yes, they’re groan-inducing, but sometimes the occasion just calls for it — especially if you want to capture an amazing view. Just use it sparingly. $4.92; amazon.com

Nomad Roadtrip Car Charger

Built for car use, this cellphone charger plugs into your vehicle — getting charged and charging your phone at the same time. It also works as a portable battery. $39; amazon.com

LinearFlux LithiumCard

Not driving? Try this ultra-thin charger, which can increase a phone’s battery life by 15% in as little as 15 minutes. $39.99; linearflux.myshopify.com