Eataly Downtown: Touring the second NYC location of the Italian food hall

The Italian food marketplace and eatery Eataly opened its second New York City location. Located in World Trade Center 4, Eataly Downtown is a 40,000-square-foot place to shop, eat, drink and learn about Italian food and culture.

Eataly Flatiron was one of the first food halls to open in New York City. While the term food hall may not fully encompass what makes Eataly Eataly, it is flattering when other food halls refer to Eataly as an inspiration, partner Adam Saper said.

“Eataly Flatiron was groundbreaking because it was one of those things that changed how New Yorkers behaved. Eataly New York became a piazza in New York in the true Italian sense of the word because it’s all walks of life coming together,” said partner Joe Bastianich. “I think that that kind of egalitarianism that Eataly has, that’s the essence of what everyone is trying to recreate … Different walks of people, different cultures, different socio-economic backgrounds, come together and share an experience.”

Eataly Downtown opened on Aug. 11. Let’s take a look around.