Eatsa NYC: Automated quinoa restaurant to open this fall

Dining out is about to get streamlined.

This fall, West Coast hot spot eatsa will debut in New York City. The fully automated “restaurant” features a menu of customizable bowls with the ancient grain quinoa as a base. You order your bowl through an app on your phone or an iPad at the eatery, and then your lunch appears in a “personalized cubby.” You will not interact with any humans. Welcome to the future!

“It’s essentially lunch on demand — delicious food that is nutritious, affordable, and quick,” eatsa founder Tim Young said in a statement.

The first eatsa opened in San Francisco in August 2015 and has since expanded to Los Angeles. The restaurant is takeout only.

Back in the mid-aught’s, an automat restaurant called BAMN! tried to do something similar on St. Marks Place, and failed. But times have changed. Now, we do everything on our phones, from ordering coffee to meeting people and sharing videos of our lives, so why not take human interaction out of dining, too?

We suspect New Yorkers, always desperate for more time, will appreciate what eatsa promises — “faster food.”

While no opening date has been set, eatsa will be located at 285 Madison Ave., between 40th and 41st streets.