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Kanye West’s Yeezy New York Fashion Week shows are endlessly confusing

Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy. It’s time to address the confusing concept that is Kanye West’s fashion line.

The rapper/fashion designer/outspoken public figure has debuted four collections at New York Fashion Week, each one more puzzling to the industry than the last. And though many thought his stunt at Madison Square Garden last season would be his most talked-about moment, it seems season 4 may have been his breaking point for fashionistas.

After his Yeezy Season 4 spectacle on Roosevelt Island that left attendees less-than-pleased and models sitting in the hot sun for hours, many fashion writers seem to be over the whole Kanye West aesthetic.

West started his fashion career by making a statement with his first Yeezy collection, pairing nude body stockings with simple sportswear. The bold presentation of models standing in line left a positive mark at its February 2015 show in New York. But over the years, the Yeezy aesthetic hasn’t seemed to develop much.

Though his apparel raises eyebrows on wearability, his shoe collaborations have been all but boring. Starting with his first kicks for Louis Vuitton in 2009, West has developed shoes with brands including Nike and most recently Adidas, launching his must-have Yeezy Boost designs.

After four seasons of West apparel, it’s time to admit it: We just don’t get it. Maybe his genius goes above our heads, or maybe it’s time for West to stick to making awesome beats and cool kicks. But just like waves, Kanye’s career as a fashion designer probably won’t die anytime soon.

Let’s take a look through the seasons of Yeezy, where West went from showing shocking streetwear to turning out unfortunate, boring simplicity.

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