Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine’s Fashion Week street style

It costs how much to look good during NYFW?

Leandra Medine, the street stylish fashionista behind ManRepeller.com, looked fabulous throughout Fashion Week, despite a claim on her website that she lost her style between Feb. 10-17.

In a post entitled, “The Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad ‘What I Wores’,” Medine takes us begrudgingly through her NYFW looks — captured by plenty of paparazzi despite her own assertions that she’s going through a stylistically rough patch.

Lists of pieces Medine wore throughout the week, from a $2,100+ coat to $27 dress socks, made us wonder: How much does it cost to have a street stylish wardrobe?

Medine alludes to “years collecting” her wardrobe, and many of the pieces from her looks last week link back to luxury consignment sites. Perhaps she borrowed pieces from friends or traded in clothing for credit, but our math (not including some furs and other key pieces not listed in her round-up) leads to a weekly wardrobe cost of $13,605. And that’s not even including cosmetics!

Here are some of the key pieces Medine wore during NYFW.