2 Bros. pizza accused of building ‘dollar pizza empire’ on backs of workers

How do you make a slice of pizza that costs a dollar in New York City?

According to a lawsuit against the popular 2 Bros. chain, it comes down to sheer worker exploitation.

The Daily News reported Monday that a group of workers has filed a class action lawsuit against the bargain pizza chain, charging that they worked 60- to 70-hour weeks without overtime and below the minimum wage.

“[2 Bros] built their dollar pizza empire on the backs of my clients and other workers by grossly underpaying them,” their lawyer, Adam Slater, told the News.

An attorney for the owners of 2 Bros. said the company “pays its employees in compliance with city, state and federal law and categorically denies the claims made by the plaintiffs.”

One worker tells the News that he was paid $480 a week for two years. That comes out to about $6.66 an hour.

The lawsuit is seeking back pay for hundreds of workers at 2 Bros pizza. Slater estimated damages owed workers could exceed $10 million.

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