9/11 Memorial misspells name

There was seemingly only a single glitch with the opening of the National 9/11 Memorial on Sunday; it was discovered that a victim’s name was misspelled on one of the bronze panels that surround the two waterfalls marking the footprints of the Twin Towers.

Jeffrey Schreier was working in Cantor Fitzgerald’s mailroom on the day of the attack. On Sunday, his sister, Janice Hart, located his name only to see that it had been misspelled.

Michael Frazier, a spokesperson for the memorial, said in a statement, “We regret an error was made by reversing two letters in Jeffrey H. Schreier’s name while entering it into our verification database, and we are extremely sorry for the pain this mistake has caused Jeffrey’s family. As soon as we found out about this error we began working on how to make it right, and we’re engaged with our fabricators, contractors and the architect to do so.”

Another memorial spokesperson for the memorial said on Tuesday that the error would be corrected by the end of the week.