Adrien Brody showcases world premiere of new movie at the Tribeca Festival in Brooklyn

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Adrien Brody on the red carpet for the premiere of his film Clean at the Tribeca Festival.
Photo by Dean Moses

New Yorkers watched the world premiere of Clean alongside its cast in the pouring rainfall on Saturday night at the Brooklyn Commons MetroTech. 

The Tribeca Festival combines the glitz and glamor of a major motion picture’s opening night complete with stars walking the red carpet and cameras following their every move. Where it differs, however, is by not only offering cinephiles a chance to hear from the creators but also the opportunity to watch the movie alongside them.

Adrien Brody and his girlfriend, Georgina Chapman at the Tribeca Festival premiere of Clean. Photo by Dean Moses

Led by Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody, director and co-writer Paul Solet along with cast members such as Glenn Fleshler, John Bianco, and more hit the Tribeca Festival red carpet in excited anticipation for the world premiere of Clean. This gritty action and drama feature follows a sanitation worker with a shady past, a past viewers steadily discover as he lands on the bad side of a crime kingpin.

After posing for a storm of camera flashes, Brody greeted audience members on the evening of June 19, sharing that the film has a very special meaning to him. 

Director and co-writer of Clean Paul Solet. Photo by Dean Moses

“It is also a special day because we are able to be here together after the uncertainty. I want to thank Tribeca for creating this in-person experience, especially since all that we’ve been through and for all that they do to support showcase filmmakers. They really hold up our industry. Thank you, Tribeca,” Brody said, adding, “There’s never been a movie that’s more personal to me. I’ve never been more involved with or invested in any film in my life, so it’s a big thing for me to share with you tonight. The film deals with a lot of problems that I’ve had a hard time coming to terms with. At the core of it, it’s really about fatherhood and love.”

Just one day before Father’s Day, Brody added that his own father has always been an inspiration to him. Brody likewise shared that his father just turned 80 years old and has taught him to always lead by example. His father is also a producer of the film. 

Glenn Fleshler and Adrien Brody. Photo by Dean Moses

“Without the real Mr. Brody, none of this would have been possible,” Brody said, and began to introduce the cast. 

Director and co-writer Paul Solet also gave his humble thanks to the Tribeca Festival for showing people that New York always comes back strong, and he also thanked the cast for their steadfast work in helping to create Clean

Brody addresses the audience.Photo by Dean Moses


“You have no idea what a gift it is as a director to have an incredibly brilliant actor in every role in a movie,” Solet said. 

During the film rain began to pound the outside viewing are, leading moviegoers to huddle under umbrellas, creating a unique yet fitting ambiance. After a year forced to be separated, New Yorkers braved the heavy rain in order to be together.

Brody and his girlfriend aptly watch the film. Photo by Dean Moses