AMNY Goes Viral: Collaborating with Influencers to Showcase the Real New York

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Reaching readers in new and exciting ways, amNewYork’s social media platforms are currently undergoing a reboot. With a dedicated team of video content creatives, editors, photographers and social media savants, the upgrade is an acknowledgment that news and storytelling is evolving, received and created not just with text but with video. amNewYork will meet readers where they are.

“We’re covering things that people really want to interact with on social — we’re getting the authentic side of New York integrated into our platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts,” said Dylan Christie, a Schneps Media creative and collaboration director.

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By collaborating with social media influencers to discover relatable organic content, and with their team of reporters and editors, amNewYork will expand its breadth of coverage, reach new audiences, and create new communities. “We’re taking a unique perspective on how we want to report news now, with the emergence of digital tech, consumption of content, and social media. We really want to push native, organic content from New York City’s own.”

“As a media organization, we produce a ton of content, but for social media it’s about finding stories that feel good so people will interact, and integrating coverage to show different sides to hard news.” said Kyle Sweeting, a Schneps Media video and content director.

With a brand refresh and bolder look, amNewYork’s social media footprint has already increased by collaborating with New York City’s creators, chefs, photographers, videographers, authors, athletes, celebrities, musicians, politicians, etc — and it continues to grow daily.

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“When I think about New York, I think about the energy, the spirit, and the culture of the city. But what I really want to show is the diversity, resilience, and strength of the people who call it home,” said Jason Lloyd Schwartz, creative and video director at Schneps Media. “You are New York, I AM New York, and together we’re going to uncover the real city. We’re going to show you the real New York. And that’s what makes this reboot so special.”

Are you a social media creative? Are you interested in working with amNY to increase your footprint? Reach out to us at [email protected].

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