Citi Field display case catches fire, no injuries reported: FDNY

A small fire broke out inside Citi Field Wednesday afternoon.

The FDNY said a display case inside the stadium’s rotunda caught fire and spewed smoke into the air around 3:42 p.m. The stadium’s sprinkler system turned on and put out the fire, according to the FDNY and the Mets.

“Firefighters came in shortly after and extinguished what was left, which was mostly smoke,” an FDNY spokesman said.

In a statement, the Mets said there “was minimal damage, which was non-structural,” and no one was in the rotunda during the incident.

Although there were no injuries, there were pedestrians who were near the stadium and they posted pictures and video of the blaze on social media.

The Mets said they were working with the FDNY to determine the cause of the fire.

The team is currently in Atlanta to play the Braves and is scheduled to host the Chicago Cubs on Thursday.