Creative Time’s latest project, an immersive dream journal, to unveil in Brooklyn this fall

Digital quilt square depicting a dream from cosmologyscape.com by Kite and Alicia B Wormsley, 2024.
Courtesy of the artists and Creative Time.

If you have been wanting to start a dream journal, you should check out Creative Time’s latest project. 

This public art project was launched by artists Kite and Alisha Wormsley for the duration of summer and fall of 2024. 

Wormsley “is an interdisciplinary artist and cultural producer. Her work contributes to the imagining of the future of arts, science, and technology through the Black matriarchal lens,” according to her official website. 

Kite’s work focuses on “developing body interfaces for machine learning driven performance, sculptures generated by dreams, and experimental sound and video work,” according to her official website. 

Together they created Cosmologyspace, a combination of artificial intelligence and dreams taken from humans from all around the world with the purpose of bringing to life with sculptures. 

“Cosmologyspace seeks to harness the duality of dreams-as both individual tools of self-awareness and collective acts of imagination and world-building-and encourages the exploration of dreaming practices through an artist designed interface,” according to the main website of the project. 

The project is guided by centuries-long dreaming practices of Black and Indigenous communities which focuses on listening, analyzing and interpreting the human subconscious. 

First, those who wish to share their dreams, they will have the opportunity to start a dream journal with a chatbot, which will turn the dreams into a digital tapestry where the dreams will join a collection of “dream paths”.

Once enough dreams have been gathered, the virtual cosmic quilt will be brought to life in a series of public sculptures and installations. On September 20, participants will be able to see their dreams materialized in Brooklyn, alongside the annual Creative Time Summit. 

This project was chosen from over 600 applications to the 2022 Creative Time’s open call.  In addition, it coincides with the 50th anniversary of Creative Time, making it a special art project. 

For more information, visit cosmologyscape.com.