De Blasio press secretary Jane Meyer to step down from position

View of the New York City Hall
New York City Hall (Photo via Getty Images)

Jane Meyer, a deputy press secretary for Mayor Bill de Blasio, will leave the mayor’s office to work for Senator Amy Klobuchar in Washington D.C. 

The move was first reported in Politico Playbook and is the latest in a series of staffer departures from the mayor’s office after top de Blasio spokesperson Freddi Goldstein and Communications Director Wiley Norvell announced they would both step down from their posts at the beginning of July. First Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Lapeyrolerie left the administration to work as vice president of public relations firm SKDKnickerbocker just two weeks later. 

Meyer called her over three-year-long tenure at City Hall “the greatest honor of her life” adding in a tweet that it ” was more challenging, rewarding, & fulfilling than I could have imagined.”

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