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Presidential debate drinking game: Raise a glass as Trump and Clinton face off

The last presidential debate between Donald Trump and

The last presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be on Oct. 19, 2016. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Joe Raedle; Justin Sullivan

The final presidential debate is almost here, and we know how to make it a little more fun.

As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off on Wednesday night at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, make your viewing party more interesting with this debate drinking game:

- When either Trump or Clinton says their campaign slogan, drink. ("Make America Great Again" for Trump and "Stronger Together" for Clinton.)

- When Trump brings up Bill Clinton, drink.

- If Clinton shimmies, drink.

- If Trump says the election is rigged by the dishonest media, drink.

- If Clinton diverts a question about her emails, drink.

- If Trump says the comments he made about groping women were just "locker room talk," drink.

- When either Trump or Clinton ignores the moderators and keeps talking past the time limit, drink.

- When Trump interrupts Clinton by yelling "wrong," drink.

- If Clinton tells Trump he lives in his own reality, drink.

- When Trump and Clinton argue about whether Trump supported the Iraq War or not, drink.

- When Trump says “huge,” drink.

- When Clinton laughs at something Trump says, drink.

- If Trump calls Clinton, “Crooked Hillary,” drink.

- When either Trump or Clinton accuses the other of being unfit or unqualified to be president, drink.

- If Trump makes any reference to the size of his hands, chug.

- When you think you’re hearing the same things over and over again, drink some water and go to sleep.

And when all is said and done, remember to take public transportation home. 


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