Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debated again Wednesday night, but if New Yorkers had their way, the final faceoff may have played out a little differently.

With a few weeks to go until Election Day, let's settle this like true New Yorkers. Here are some NYC-approved competitions that would liven up the race.

Nathan’s hot dog eating contest

Joey Chestnut hosts this Coney Island-based hot dog eating contest between the candidates – sponsored by Nathan’s, of course, because what other hot dogs are there?


What time is it? Showtime! The candidates, armed with boom boxes and their best dancing shoes, show off their subway pole gymnastics routine. Bonus points if no one gets kicked in the face.

Pizza run

Which candidate can outrun the other while scarfing down pizza? This event, which combines a two-mile run with three slices of pizza, should be an easy feat for any *true* New Yorker.


Clinton, Trump and their respective campaigns take to the Union Square subway station to belt out their best renditions of “New York, New York.” Who’ll get the most cash from passersby?

Shooting hoops at West 4th Street

Let's take this competition to the courts at West 4th Street for a one-on-one basketball game -- or at the very least, a couple rounds of "Horse."

Climbing Trump Tower

Nothing captures the hearts and minds of New Yorkers quite like a person slowly scaling the Fifth Avenue building with suction cups.