MODERNISM IN THE UKRAINE “Crossroads” features early 20th century Ukrainian modern art. Exhibit continues thru March 11. The Ukrainian Museum, 222 E. 6th St. 212-228-0110. Pictured above is a 1920s wood and oil relief on plywood by Vasily Ermilov.

GEOMETRIC ART “Paper Geometry” features works by retired urologist and Manhattan Graphics Center student Donald Hillel. He uses viscosity printing, a process that employs various viscosities of inks in the printing process. Exhibit continues thru Nov. 30. Manhattan Graphics Center, 481 Washington St. 212-219-8783.

14th Street Painters, 110 W. 14th St., 4th floor, 212-627-9893, www.14thstreetpainters.org: EXHIBITION 19, The works of 20 artists frame civilization in a New York art show. Opening reception is Thurs., Nov. 9 from 7-10pm. Continues thru Nov. 25. Free.

ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington St., bet Clinton & Suffolk Sts.; 212-254-3697; www.abcnorio.org: REMEMBERING WHAT CARE FORGOT, A two part exhibition celebrating New Orleans culture and revival. Part 2 takes place Nov. 9-30. Film screening of “A Corner of Her Eye” by Konrad Aderer and “All on a Mardi Gras Day” by Royce Osborn & Jerry Brock on Fri., Nov. 17 at 8pm.

Barnes & Noble, 675 6th Ave. at 21st St., next to the cafe, 212-727-1227: EVY WILLIAMS, View paintings by the NYC artist. Thru Nov. 30.

Broom Street Gallery, 498 Broom St., 212-226-6085: ANNETTE MARTEN, Medley of Mediums. Nov. 21- Dec. 3. Reception is Thurs., Nov. 30 from 6-8pm.

Cheryl Hazan Gallery, 35 N. Moore St., 212-343-8964, www.cherylhazan.com: SUSTAINABLE LIGHT, View paintings by Marilu D. Hartnett. Continues thru Nov. 13.

Cuchifritos, 120 Essex St., 212-598-4124: SHINIQUE SMITH, “No Dust, No Stain” is a sculptural homage to the range of meditative spiritual practices that connect different religions of the world. Thru Nov. 11.

55 Mercer Gallery, 55 Mercer St., 212-226-8513: QUOI QUE NOUS SOYONS, View works by Daniel Heyman, Donald Schule and Melissa Ferreira. Thru Nov. 25.

DietzSpace, 429 Greenwich St: VISIBLE PROOFS, Works by Nathaniel Lieb. Sand skeletons, glass flowers and tissue paper fish combine into an iconic, poetic, strange and beautiful synthesis. Continues thru Dec. 3.

Franklin 54 Gallery, 181 Christopher St., bet Washington & West Side Highway, 212-627-8690: LIZ CURTIN, “Flow” features new found object sculptures. Continues thru Nov. 30.

Gallery 138, 138 W. 17th St., 5th floor, 212-633-0324, www.gallery138.com: INNOCENT WHEN YOU DREAM, A multimedia exhibit by Brookie Maxwell with large-scale drawings, sculptures and video featuring biblical themes alongside controversial contemporary issues. Thru Dec. 15.

Gallery 225, 225 W. 14th St., www.elliotbassman.com: THREADS OF HUMANITY, View works by Elliot Bassman thru Nov. 30.

A Gathering of the Tribes, Tribes Gallery, 285 E. 3rd St., 212-674-3778, www.tribes.org: MADONNA SERIES, A multi-media exhibit by Chris Twomey in which the artist depicts a diverse group of contemporary mothers and children as 21st century icons, modeled after paintings of the Renaissance. Continues thru Nov. 30.

Grey Art Gallery, NYU, 100 Washington Square East, 212-998-6780, www.nyu.edu/greyart: MOVING PICTURES: American Art and Early Film, 1880-1910, Exhibit explores the links, both deliberate and coincidental, between the earliest movies and other American visual art forms. Thru Dec. 9.

Gulf + Western Gallery, 8th floor gallery of Tisch School of the Arts Photography and Imaging Department, 721 Broadway at Waverly Place, 212-998-1930: KATRINA PHOTOGRAPHS, “Engulfed by Katrina: Photographs Before and After the Storm” features 80 photographs by 32 photographers. Thru Nov. 19.

Hamilton Fish Park Branch, New York Public Library, 145 E. Houston St., 212-673-2290: IF YOU CAN FIND ME: IMAGES & WORDS ON IDENTITY, Featuring works by NYC public school students along with works by local artists. Continues thru Dec. 1.

Hasted Hunt, 529 W. 20th St., 3rd floor, 212-627-0006: BOHNCHAN KOO: VESSEL, View large scale monochromatic still-lifes of classic porcelains from the Josen Dynasty that lasted from 1392-1910 in Korea. ELIOT PORTER: COLOR, An exhibition of richly colored vintage dye transfer photographs of landscapes and abstractions. Both shows continue thru Dec. 23.

Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion, One W. 4th St., 212-824-2205: TAMAR HIRSCHL – CULTURAL ALARM, A fine art exhibition that alerts viewers to the dangers of human and environmental destruction drawing from the artist’s memories of war and displacement in Croatia and Israel. Continues thru Jan. 30. THE EYE OF THE COLLECTOR, The Jewish Vision of Sigmund R. Balka. View over 200 works by a variety of Jewish artists. Continues thru Jan. 30.

Invisible NYC, 148 Orchard St., 212-228-1358, www.troydenningtattoo.com: KARA COLLIER-LBANEZ, The exhibition “Reminisce” features photographs by native New Yorker Lbanez that are a contemporary take on 17th century Dutch paintings of daily life. Continues thru Nov. 11. LUNAR, Croatian artist Lunar will show his graffiti work in the exhibition “Beastz and Bugz.” Opening reception is Thurs., Nov. 16 from 7-9pm. Continues thru Dec. 16.

Jefferson Market Branch, New York Public Library, 425 6th Ave., 212-243-4334: COLOR CALLIGRAPHS, Recent paintings by Don Rogers. Continues thru Dec. 23.

June Kelly Gallery, 591 Broadway, bet Houston & Prince; 212-226-1660: SCULPTURES FROM THE FOREST, Features recent wood sculptures by Jane Schneider. The works reflect both natural processes and the artist’s imagination. Thru Nov. 11.

Leo Baeck Institute, Goldsmith Gallery, Center for Jewish History, 15 W. 16th St., bet 5th & 6th Aves.: ERWIN PISCATOR – POLITICAL THEATRE IN EXILE, Exhibition documents Piscator’s work and legacy with photos, original artwork and personal letters. Thru Nov. 13. Free.

Maison Francais, NYU, 16 Washington Mews, 212-998-8750: LEFT BANK NEW YORK: Artists Off Washington Square, 1900-1950. Focuses on the buildings in the 2 blocks north of Washington Square that were converted for use as artists’ studios in the early part of the 20th century. Thru Dec. 8.

Manhattan Graphics Center, 481 Washington St., 212-219-8783: DONALD HILLEL, “Paper Geometry” featuring intaglio prints. Continues thru Nov. 30.

Orley & Shabahang, 520 W. 23rd St., 646-383-7511: DARIEN RAINFOREST BASKETS, View “The World’s Finest Darien Rainforest Wounaan Baskets” collected by Geoff Orley from the remote rainforest villages where the most esteemed artists live. Thru Nov. 30.

Peter Blum Gallery, 99 Wooster St., 212-343-0441: DAVID RABINOWITCH, View the series of sculptures made in 1967 known as the “Phantom Group.” Opening reception is Thurs., Nov. 16 from 6-8pm. Continues thru Jan. 20.

Pratt Manhattan Gallery, 144 W. 14th St. 2nd floor: EVA ZEISEL AT 100: A Lifetime of Masterwork in Design, View nearly 100 original ceramic works and celebrate the artist’s 100th birthday on Nov. 13. Continues thru Nov. 18.

Protest Space, 511 W. 20th St., ground floor, 646-734-4771: PROTEST: STENCIL IT, Stenciled directly on the walls and floors are political images and words created by dozens of artists and activists on topics such as the war in Iraq, global warming and the genocide in Darfur. Continues now thru Dec. 16.

TAMA Gallery, 5 Harrison St., 212-566-7030, www.tamagallery.biz: RED AUTUMN, A collection of large-scale paintings by French artist Fernand D’Onofrio. The works are strongly influenced by Asian style, color and design. Continues thru Dec. 16.

Tanya Bonakdar Gal-lery, 521 W. 21st St., 212-414-4144, www.tanyabonakdargallery.com: TWO NEW EXHIBITS, View works by Hannah Starkey and Ernesto Nesto. Continues thru Nov. 25.

Think Tank 3, 447 Hudson St., www.thinktank3.com: SADDAM MANIA, A photography exhibit featuring images of Saddam Hussein and statues of his likeness on the streets of Baghdad taken by Teun Voeten. According to the photographer, within days of his documenting these images, people began to tear them down and whitewash over them. Continues thru Nov. 25.

Tibet House, 22 W. 15th St., Suite 2, www.tibethouse.org: SAMTEN DAKPA, View 30 paintings by the Tibetan artist depicting his magical vision of Tibetan deities which convey peacefulness and balance. Thru Nov. 10.

The Ukrainian Museum, 222 E. 6th St., 212-228-0110: CROSSROADS, Modernism in Ukraine, 1910-1930. View early 20th century Ukrainian modern art. Continues thru March 11.

Umbrella Arts, 317 E. 9th St., www.umbrellaarts.com: GRAND OPENING, The gallery will present “Passion” as its inaugural exhibition. View works by Professional Women Photographers addressing the topic of passion as the fuel for life. Opening reception is Thurs., Nov. 9 from 6-8pm. Continues thru Dec. 16.

Westbeth Gallery, 55 Bethune at West St., 212-243-3674, www.westbeth.org: 10TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY EXHIBIT, View paintings, watercolors and prints by established and emerging artists from Westbeth, the forerunner of artist housing. Opening reception is Sat., Nov. 18 from 5-8pm. Continues thru Dec. 3; Thurs. – Sun. from 1-6pm.