Twin love: Garcia twins talk new reality show during visit to the Big Apple

Brie Garcia (left) and Nikki Garcia talk Twin Love.
Photo by Dean Moses

The Garcia twins — formally known as the Bella twins — spoke with amNewYork Metro on Monday about their new show “Twin Love,” leaving WWE, and more during their visit to the Big Apple.

Nikki and Brie Garcia toured the iconic Empire State Building while on their trip to New York on Nov. 13 as a part of their promotional tour for Twin Love, a new reality show that will see the former WWE superstars host what is being dubbed as a social experiment in the hopes of finding ten sets of twins love.  As twins, mothers, and now wives, the pair say the series has a special meaning to them.

“People don’t know this, but the statistic of identical twins is that we usually get married later than everyone else in life. I think it’s because we’re born with a soulmate, so searching for a soulmate isn’t so important,” Brie said.

Brie Garcia. Photo by Dean Moses

In an effort to help the show’s participants find love, the Garcias say they separate the twins with one group of siblings staying in a house run by Brie and another group staying with Nikki. However, they say the object is not just about creating captivating television, but to also aid in the lives of others.

“I’m a sucker for dating reality shows, it’s my favorite. But what was extra special about this was the social experiment part of it. Brie and I are now wives, so we could pass on our knowledge and our advice and truly, actually help these twins,” Nikki said. “That’s what I really love about some dating shows is that when you can also find yourself in the journey, it’s not just about finding love or giving entertaining TV. But there’s also a journey in it and you come out a better person.”

“Twin Love” is the pair’s latest venture, which comes off the back of their clothing line Birediebee and their wine brand Bonita Bonita. Many former WWE stars struggle to carve a life outside of the bright lights and roaring fans of the wrestling Mecca, with many notable cases either returning to the ring well past their prime or being forced to attend signing events just to make ends meet. The Garcias, however, have managed to stand out from the crowd by creating a series of successful career paths. The pair attribute this to the lessons they learned in WWE and while also staying true to themselves.

Nikki Garcia. Photo by Dean Moses

“We just follow whatever is authentic to us. We love hosting, I mean, we did learn at WWE how to entertain a live crowd. But we’ve always loved to interact with people, and I’ve always loved entertainment. And I just feel like it’s just been a very authentic transition,” Brie explained.

Nikki agreed with this, adding that there is far more to them than simply kicking butt.

“At times you end up finding your niche and what you’re meant to do in life. And for Brie and I, when reality came about, we realized that we can do more than just body slam women in the ring, we can actually just entertain being ourselves,” Nikki said. “Since we’ve been little girls, we’ve loved to entertain people.”

“Twin Love” will debut on Nov. 17 on Prime Video and Freevee.

Brie Garcia (left) and Nikki Garcia talk Twin Love. Photo by Dean Moses