Juvenile Detention Center planned for Burner Ave

Baychester residents are protesting a proposed juvenile detention center on Bruner Avenue.

The center, which is already nearly completed, is part of the state’s Close to Home Program and is designed to give troubled youth access to their families to aid their rehabilitation process.

But locals say that property values in the immediate area may decrease due to the facility once it’s in operation.

“I can’t see it being a positive thing,” said Walter Sarmiento, a real estate associate broker from the Keller Williams Realty Group in nearby Pelham Gardens. “I understand why there would be an uproar from the community.”

However, he added, “I can see that across the street home values are going to go down but even a block away it might be back to normal.”

Local Councilman Andy King has been an outspoken voice against the center, and agreed that there is concern for real estate prices in the area.

“People are afraid and concerned that property prices can and will go down,” said King.

However, ACS argues that Baychester is an ideal neighborhood for troubled youth because of its residential charm.

“ACS’ goal for this, as well as all other Limited Secure Placement facilities, is to provide a safe, stable, and close-knit residential environment for young people to receive residential rehabilitation services while in our care, while also ensuring the safety of residents and the surrounding community,” a representative said in a statement. “We will continue outreach to community leaders and elected officials to ensure that their questions or concerns are addressed.”