Larry King on Piers canceling: I could come back!

Larry King said he would be willing to return to his old timeslot at CNN, soon to be vacated after the network said it will pulling the plug on “Piers Morgan Live.”

King, who currently hosts a half-hour news show on Ora TV, said a second go round isn’t out of the question.

But King said the decision is ultimately up to CNN president Jeff Zucker.

“If he talked to the people at Ora TV and they could work it out, I would do it,” King told the Daily Beast.

“I’m sorry,” King said about Morgan’s departure from the network. “I never like to see anyone leave, but it’s a business where nothing is forever. It’s transitory. Coaches are hired to be fired. I wish him well.”

King’s eponymous nightly show, “Larry King Live,” was canceled in 2010 after 25 years. Morgan has had lackluster ratings since taking over the coveted timeslot.