Letters to The Editor, Week of Feb. 21, 2019

Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

Battle lines are clear

To The Editor:

Re “Wanted: Candidates who’ll fight big real estate,” viewpoint, by Lynn Ellsworth, Feb. 14:

Lynn Ellsworth has put a spotlight on two top candidates who, I agree, will stand up to the the mayor and the billionaire real estate bullies and racketeers who are running roughshod over New Yorkers. I also think Ben Yee is a grassroots activist working within the Democratic Party to help clean it up, and there certainly is a lot of cleaning up to do. He is an excellent candidate.

Nomiki Konst and David Eisenbach have the experience, energy, integrity and courage a public advocate needs to effectively challenge city administrators who are in the pocket of REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) and the many property speculators, ruthless developers and slumlords REBNY represents.

Eisenbach, running on the Stop REBNY Party line, has been a tireless advocate to pass intact the Small Business Jobs Survival Act to save our mom-and-pop stores and other small businesses from further extinction. REBNY has prevented passage of the S.B.J.S.A. for 33 years, and REBNY Chairperson Bill Rudin and President John Banks have made it clear they have no intention to ever let it pass.

You can view eight public advocate candidates showing the courage to publicly rebuke REBNY by boldly posing with a “Beware of REBNY Real Estate Bullies Plaguing New York” flier at https://www.stopREBNYbullies.org

They are Theo Chino, Dan Christmann, David Eisenbach, Nomiki Konst, Latrice Walker, Jumaane Williams, Ben Yee and Michael Zumbluskas.

Ray Rogers
Rogers is director, Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies


Hendrix trip must be local

To The Editor:

Re “Bad trip for ‘Hendrix Way’ sign experience” (news article, Feb. 15):

The petition should have the reasons for why the street should be co-named after Hendrix, including the impact he had on that street.

So if 10,000 Brits signed the online petition, that is meaningless. Someone has to hit the pavement and get locals’ signatures.

I am a Jimi Hendrix fan. I own a master recording with Jimi’s performance. But it’s about fairness to the people on that street.

Julius Tajiddin


The shop has got sole

To The Editor:

Re “Downstairs shoe-repair hopes for an upside” (City Business article, Feb. 15):

Nice to see the press get on this spot. My wife and I have stayed with them for more than 20 years. They have certainly been there for all of us. Jose does a great job on women’s boots and shoes, too. We all need to spread the word to newcomers to try their services.

Arthur Kriemelman


Where is your tenant?

To The Editor:

Re “Will new cracks in facade break old P.S. 64 stalemate?” (news article, Feb. 14):

LES, the people have spoken: Build the dorm!

Where is your financially viable tenant? It’s been 20 years. Time to get specific and stop saying you want a community center with no tenant.

Who is the tenant? Who is paying the rent? That is how the real world works. The city won’t give a permit without a tenant, so who is it already?

Of course you know they will do the same thing: Say it’s not a valid lease because they want the building for their benefactor. However, if there is a bona-fide tenant, let’s get a lease and send it to the Department of Buildings.

It’s just rhetoric from the naysayers but no solutions.

O.K., I need to go work on other properties in communities that are thankful we are there to make a difference.

Gregg Singer


Elevator before murals

To The Editor:

Re “28th St. station blooms back open with mosaics” (news article, Feb. 7):

Lovely murals. But where’s the elevator? It’s not usable by persons with disabilities. Couldn’t that have been included during all the station’s months of closure?

Miriam Fisher


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