Letters to The Editor, Week of Sept. 1, 2016

Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

Blaz, developers’ best friend

To The Editor:

Re “Villagers protest loss of affordable housing to de Blasio ‘ally’ ” (news article, Aug. 25):

Obviously, Mayor de Blasio is advocating for his developer friends. The buildings should have been landmarked years ago, but the powers that be are slowly letting our city’s past glories erode.

Who needs a hotel there? Guess how much it will cost to stay at that hotel?

And we thought Bloomberg was the real estate developers’ friend!

Let’s all protest this unthinking mayor and elect someone who’s really on our side.

Sylvia Rackow


American residents first!

To The Editor:

Re “Villagers protest loss of affordable housing to de Blasio ‘ally’ ” (news article, Aug. 25):

Impose a tax on all properties developed by foreign entities — that will put a crimp in the plans to sell America to the highest foreign interest.

Americans, although poor and out-financed, are natives to this land. Hotels do not a community make.

Foreign developers should not be kicking Americans out their homes. That is the ultimate insult.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

William Mendez, Sr.


Curmudgeons need love, too

To The Editor:

Re “Adele: Stripping away the layers, finding a friend” (notebook, by Tara Cox, Aug. 18):

People are the way they are due to their life experiences. They were not born mean and grumpy. It’s called “thick-skinned,” which protects them from future hurt.

We all want to be loved. The lady trusted you, Tara, much more than others. You touched her heart.

Fred Barone


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