Letters, Week of Oct. 3, 2013

Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

McWater will be missed 

To The Editor:
Re “David McWater leaves C.B. 3; Led board on rezoning, SPURA” (news article, Sept. 26):

David McWater’s resignation from Community Board 3 is a great loss to the board and to the Lower East Side community. Regardless of his temper, he was definitely one of the hardest working board members we have had in my memory (31 years). In addition, he set an example of how to run bars that are not burdens to the communities where they operate.

I agree that he has probably done more than any board member in a long time. We were very lucky to have him.

What troubles me as well is that David can be condemned for his temper. Why aren’t board members, all of whom serve for no pay and volunteer their time to make this community a better place to live, allowed to get angry when they are attacked?

Whatever he does next, I wish him well. He will be sorely missed.
Anne K. Johnson
Johnson is a member, Community Board 3

A hard worker for L.E.S.

To The Editor:
Re “David McWater leaves C.B. 3; Led on rezoning, SPURA” and “Green spaces are in need of green, locals tell C.B. 3” (news articles, Sept. 26):

McWater is part of the Lower East Side that I liked, a unique character who accomplished some very good work in the face of the onslaught of wealth coming to alter this neighborhood. I personally will miss his presence — whether I agreed or disagreed with him on any particular issue. He worked hard for the L.E.S., which he cared about, and his views were complex and thoughtful. Trying to pigeonhole him as a “bad guy” doesn’t work for me.

And thank you for the article on C.B. 3’s budget priorities. It’s a very useful local feature. I’m not against corporations putting their names on fields. Well, I’d prefer corporations pay taxes — then we could just fix our fields! But if a corporation has its name on a field and is getting free advertising, then it should pay for the upkeep of said field. Or maybe the Parks Department should find a new “sponsor”? Adidas Field anyone?

We also noted the need to fix the sinking walkways in Sara Roosevelt Park between Delancey and Grand Sts., among other issues.
K Webster

Will Johnson be there for pets?

To The Editor:
Re “Why Quinn hit the wall” (editorial, Sept. 19):

I cannot understand why anyone would wonder why Quinn lost the election. I also wanted a sharp woman as our mayor, but Quinn proved herself a poor politician, consistently disappointing and making enemies. When, at every opportunity, Quinn chose in favor of special interests, why would I vote for her?

Our district has a critical shortage of parkland, but with Gansevoort, the only natural peninsula on our waterfront, not only did she allow a recycling center to be put there, she allowed the Spectra pipeline to run there also, next to the children’s play pier. We could have had a grove of trees, a lawn where you didn’t hear traffic and maybe a “get-down” to the water, but instead she put our children at risk, and we will get constant garbage truck traffic.

We continue to have injuries in the Leroy St. dog run. Recently, my puppy slipped while at the run when attempting to jump onto a bench and instead smashed her face into it. She bled all the way home. Six years ago the Hudson River Park Trust agreed to allow dog owners to put in a new, less slippery surface at our own expense but has since stonewalled us. We received no help from Quinn, who ignored her (large) dog-owning constituency. In effect, for 12 years we have had no City Council representation at all.

Quinn began as Corey Johnson has, as a tenant advocate, but then betrayed us. Pet owners are hoping that Corey will be more responsive and help us.
Lynn Pacifico

Pro-Johnson PAC went negative

To The Editor:
Re “Johnson trounces Kurland in race to succeed Quinn” (news article, Sept. 12):

I am reading in utter amazement how Yetta Kurland is being pilloried by many of your readers. While Johnson ran a very cunning and aggressive race, he should not be painted as though he did not throw negatives around. He just did it under the moniker Fighting For Our Future, supposedly paid for by a PAC that supported him. I received frequent mailings from this PAC stating that Kurland was a questionable employer, has a history of exploiting low-income workers, replete with a picture showing a 1920s / ’30s sweatshop, etc. What I find really curious is that this PAC was established on Aug. 19, just in time to send out a barrage of attack ads, of course, under someone else’s name.
Dawn A. Echevez

Upgrade Spring St. station

To The Editor:
Re “Sixth Ave. buildings evacuated after new project causes shift” (news article, Sept. 26):

The partial stop-work order at the One Vandam construction site provides an opportunity to press for an upgrade to the C / E subway station at Spring St. The Uptown side has only one entrance / exit and neither the Uptown or Downtown side has handicapped access.

Given the expected increase in traffic and population with the construction of outsized buildings at One Vandam and 140 Sixth Ave., the risks resulting from increased density will only exacerbate the hazards and inconveniences of this woefully neglected, unsafe and filthy station.

In addition to benefitting the developers of the aforementioned properties by providing safer, more attractive access, improvement in this station would provide a long-delayed and much-needed station upgrade to existing residents of the area, as well as a more appropriate gateway to Soho and the all the new Hudson Square development.
Dianne Mendez 

The day the music died

To The Editor:
Re “Back Fence closing as Bleecker to lose yet another music venue” (news article, Sept. 12):

I worked there for years. Regrettably, they were forced to close a day early and the big farewell jam scheduled for the 28th (tonight, as I write this) will not happen. I’m devastated. It’s a terrible personal loss and a big loss for Greenwich Village.
Josh Katz

Book ’em Danno!

To The Editor:
The Westbeth Flea Market returns as the Westbeth Book Sale. We lost our space to Hurricane Sandy but we haven’t lost our spirit! Please come and help support our community! As in years past, all proceeds benefit Westbeth Artists’ Housing and the public areas immediately outside the building with flowers around the trees, etc.

We have books galore, from the arts to history, kids books, science, gay, classics, self-help, theater, film, philosopy, music, animals and everything in between. Prices range from 50 cents for small paperbacks to $2 to $10 for art books and coffee table books.

It will all be happening at the Westbeth community room, Sat. and Sun., Oct. 5 and 6, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days. For more information, please go to Westbeth.org or call 212-691-1574.
Gina Shamus
Shamus is a member, the Westbeth Beautification Committee

She lived a rich life

To The Editor:
Re “Carmen Vega Greiss, 91, dancer, singer, Jacobs ally” (obituary, Sept. 26):

A beautiful snippet of such a rich life. Well said. She will be always remembered.
Anthony Galante

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