Letters, Week of Sept. 26, 2013

Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

Why I’m supporting Squadron

To The Editor:
There’s a very important election coming up, one that hasn’t gotten much attention — the Oct. 1 runoff for public advocate. The public advocate’s job is to stand up to special interests and champion New Yorkers who don’t always have a voice. And we have the chance to elect someone who has a record doing just that — Daniel Squadron.

I’ve known Daniel as someone who shares our progressive values and doesn’t back down from a fight. He was a leader in the fight to keep Long Island College Hospital from closing, and as public advocate he’ll work to get a new hospital on the West Side. He’ll stand up to overdevelopment, and make sure our neighborhoods get affordable housing instead of more luxury condos.

He’s fought for a greener city, earning the highest environmental score in the state Senate last year, as well as the support of “Gasland” director Josh Fox for his strong opposition to hydrofracking. Squadron wrote and passed tough legislation to get illegal guns off our streets. And when Mayor Bloomberg tried to start charging rent to families in homeless shelters, Daniel stood up to him and won.

We need a public advocate we can trust to fight for our families. I hope everyone will join me in voting for the Village Independent’s endorsed candidate, Daniel Squadron, on Tues., Oct. 1.
Tony Hoffmann
Hoffmann is president, Village Independent Democrats

Ricky’s ready for prime time

To The Editor:
Re “Towering Village activist is now also a mini-marionette” (news article, Sept. 19):

Ricky Syers not only has tons of talent but the biggest, kindest heart! He has paid tribute to Doris in a unique manner. Ricky Syers, you are a gem. ABC, NBC, FOX, etc. don’t let this one get away!
Gina Solazzo

Thinking creatively at SPURA

To The Editor:
Re “Mayor announces developers for $1.1 billion SPURA project” (news article, Sept. 19):

I’m thrilled that the Andy Warhol Museum is going up in the ’hood. Also, although I initially opposed this, the new Essex Street Market, which is more than twice as big as the current one, might work nicely.

What is important, I think, is less preserving the old — these are parking lots with nothing much to preserve — than imagining creatively in an area that is overloaded to the east with bland residential buildings. For example, I hope this project provides impetus to the Lowline.
Joseph Hanania

Microstamping hype?

To The Editor:
I write concerning your recent article “Gunfire wounds 4 at SOB’s; Hoylman pushes bullet bill” that appeared in The Villager’s Sept. 19 issue. I read the article with great interest.

With respect to microstamping, the article stated, “The technique has been shown in states like California to increase arrest rates for gun violence, getting more shooters and guns off the streets.”

Would you be so kind as to provide a citation for the aforementioned, since I am not aware of any studies to this effect. If one exists, I would very much like to read it.
Dan Morley

We won’t forget St. Vincent’s

To The Editor:
Re “Why Quinn hit the wall” (editorial, Sept. 19):

Not to mention she sold our hospital, St. Vincent’s, down the river for her own political connections / power. I wanted to vote for a gay woman, but I wanted a good mayor first!
Susan Diane Freel

R.I.P., L.E.S. Jewels

To The Editor:
Re “L.E.S. Jewels, godfather of crusties, is dead at 43” (news article, Sept. 19):

Awahhh, rest in paradise, Jewels. I hope you are finally now at peace. Me and Matthew and my son, Aiden Skye, will miss you! Love.
Alysha Marie

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