More untrue assertions

To The Editor:
Re “A BID wolf in sheep’s clothing” (letter, by Lora Tenenbaum, Nov. 17):

The comments directed at the proposed BID for Soho’s Broadway continue to amplify many of the false statements and inaccuracies put forth in many formats — illegal stickers and posters, newsletters, e-mail blasts and a Web site without any stated membership or identity — by opposition voices.

Many of these comments come from residents beyond the BID plan’s service area, just like those here, along with more than 80 percent of all the letters to the editor in The Villager over the past year or so.

The “wolf” in “sheep’s clothing” are these untrue assertions that deliberately mislead and misinform and are a disservice to the community.

Learn about the facts of the BID plan at www.sohobid.org . Recognize that a BID for Soho’s Broadway has no intention of “increasing traffic, congestion, street vending, etc.” Understand that a volunteer, democratically elected board of directors requires that all constituent groups are fairly represented regardless of the profile mix of the BID area’s properties. Ms. Tenenbaum’s version of the yet-to-be-written bylaws is unwarranted.

There are many checks and balances that will ensure transparency, fairness and a working together for the benefit of all.
Barbara Cohen