‘Mosaic Man’ will show how it’s done at garden workshop

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The Villager gets a pole position on Power’s new “People’s Pole.”


Ray of Ray's Candy Store is one of the people the "Mosaic Man"' s new "People's Pole" at E. Ninth St.
Ray of Ray’s Candy Store is one of the people on the “Mosaic Man”‘ s new under-construction “People’s Pole” at E. Ninth St.

On Sun., Sept. 29, at 6 and B Garden, at E. Sixth St. and Avenue B, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Jim Power, the East Village’s “Mosaic Man,” will be holding a mosaic workshop and also creating a special sign for the garden.

“I’ll do the ‘6 and B,’ and everyone else can contribute and help fill in the rest,” he said. “I’m going to give a rundown on how to make the mosaic and how to use the glue.”

Bring some dishes — preferably not your best ones — to break up for use in the mosaic.

Also, Power, among his many current projects, is working on his new “People’s Pole” lamppost, at Avenue A and Ninth St. by Tompkins Square Park.

“It’s pictures of people from the neighborhood,” he said. “People donate $100 and they get their name on the pole.”

It’s part of “Mosaic Man” ’s new fundraising push, which he hopes will help him fill his eternal, elusive dream — to finally finish the legendary “Mosaic Trail” throughout the neighborhood.

Also, The Villager is honored to be getting a “pole position” on the People’s Pole, though we didn’t pay him anything.

“You’re the only one that covers me,” Power said.

In addition, his recently restored Astor Place pole will be getting some new names, including artist/blogger Suzannah B. Troy, Clayton Patterson and the late Taylor Mead.

The Villager gets a pole position on Power's new "People's Pole."
The Villager gets a pole position on Power’s new “People’s Pole.” And so does East Village blogger Shawn Chittle, at upper left.