Nobu, Ricky Estralado

Ricky Estralado
Ricky Estralado

Ricky Estralado, Chef
105 Hudson St.

Dish served?
We’ll be proudly serving one of our signature dishes, the Black Cod with Miso. It’s a dish that Nobu’s guests love, and always request.

Beverage/dish pairing?
My preference and recommendation is to pair it with sake. We have a great selection of sakes.

Who taught you to cook?
My mom was a very good cook, and she taught me how to prepare a traditional Filipino dish of Pork and Chicken Adobo.

Favorite food growing up?
I grew up in the Philippines, where “Lechon,” a whole roasted pig, was very popular. It was very flavorful, and a particular favorite of mine.

Splurge utensil?
I recommend the purchase of quality pots and pans. It’s a good investment.

Common mistake?
I enjoy food that has vivid flavors, and that is what we serve at Nobu. Amateur chefs should be careful not to under-season their food.

Cooking injury?
What was your worst cooking injury? I’ve been pretty fortunate not to ever have to make a trip to the hospital. Any chef who slices and dices will end up with little nicks, but I’ve thankfully avoided most occupational hazards.

Last meal?
In additional to all of the delectable dishes we prepare at Nobu, my wife and I would enjoy a single malt scotch with the best suckling pig from Spain.