“The Lunchbox” is ready to ship out.

A group of second-graders from two Bay Ridge elementary schools watched in awe as the city gave them a tour Wednesday of “The Lunchbox,” one of the city ferry boats that they named as part of a contest. The city’s Economic Development Corporation said the winning students from PS 170 and PS 102 also came up with creative names for three other boats, including “The Friendship Express,” “McShiny” and “Owl’s Head.”

“This is a very rewarding moment for them,” said Michelle Goh, a PS 170 teacher.

The city took the kids on a special tour of the East River, much to the cheers of the students.

“It was so great. I liked feeling the wind,” said student Alaina Zhu.

Goh said her class chose “Lunchbox” because it was a fun allegory for the new transportation service and the city’s diversity.

“They said a lunchbox is like a boat because a boat carries different type of people just like a lunchbox carries all types of food,” Goh said. “We wanted [the name] to show the different people of New York creatively.”

The ships will be part of the regular ferry service fleet, with captains proudly announcing the students’ winning names during each trip.