Q&A with Anthony Fiorentino: Co-owner and chef at Bistro Fare

Chef Anthony Fiorentino is from the neighborhood.

Bistro Fare, serving European sandwiches, pizzas and desserts, opened up at 601 Brighton Beach Ave. in March. Anthony Fiorentino, co-owner and chef, is from southern Brooklyn and wanted to open a bistro that differed from other restaurants in the neighborhood.


Why did you decide to open a bistro in Brighton Beach?


I wanted a new challenge. I come from a background in a lot of gourmet shops in Manhattan. A friend of mine offered me that they had a corner store and had no idea what they wanted to do here and I offered a bistro. It’s really taken off.


How would you describe your food?


The quality is top-notch. The ingredients have to be up to my standards of course and everything has to have flavor. I look at the small details in order to make flavors the top priority.


How would you describe this neighborhood?


It’s actually changed a lot to be honest. Growing up it used to be all Russian. My partner is a Russian gentleman and he didn’t want a Russian store. Once [Superstorm Sandy] hit, things started to change and people have been more open to change over the last several years.

LAUREN HOLTER. Special to amNewYork