Rosie O’Donnell makes Steve Bannon Photoshop her Twitter avatar, fueling ‘SNL’ speculation

For now though, O’Donnell playing Bannon remains an “alternate fact.”

Rosie O’Donnell is making the Twitterverse do a double take.

Just days after tweeting an offer to play President Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon on “Saturday Night Live,” the actress and comedian uploaded a new avatar that has everyone wondering if she really was joking about the offer.

The image has been dubbed “Rosie O’Bannon,” and it pretty much speaks for itself.

The O’Bannon photo quickly went viral on Twitter, with some users retweeting the image, urging “SNL” to make their dreams come true.

“RT if you want to see @Rosie O’Donnell as Rosie O’Bannon on #SNL! #RosieOdonnell #TRUMP” said FireHeartProgressive.

While others just had a good laugh.

“Rosie O’Bannon. LOL. The White House principals are going to lose their collective small minds.” Mike Green said.

If you’re wondering who the mastermind behind the photo is, O’Donnell uploaded a screenshot from a pro-Hillary Clinton Facebook group, crediting a man named Johnny Smith with creating the image.

The buzz surrounding O’Donnell potentially playing Bannon on “SNL” began after Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of White House press secretary Sean Spicer on the Feb. 4 show.

A fan suggested on Twitter that O’Donnell take up the role of Bannon and the actress responded on Monday, saying “Available — if called i will serve !!!”

A day later, however, O’Donnell clarified that she was only joking: “No — that’s an alternate fact — someone tweeted it as an idea — after Melissa was so brilliant . . . just a funny idea #truth.”

For now, O’Donnell playing Bannon remains an “alternate fact.” A representative for the comedian said O’Donnell is not going to play Bannon this weekend, ABC reported.


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