Save Chelsea is not against everything

To The Editor:

Regarding the October 5 letter concerning the activities of Save Chelsea: Save Chelsea is definitely not “against everything.” Since its formation in late 2005, Save Chelsea has sponsored, publicized, supported, promoted and generally worked for many excellent neighborhood initiatives.  In fact, Save Chelsea will soon be receiving the Dr. Elliott Award from Hudson Guild’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee for outstanding service to the community.

A few examples of what we are for:

Save Chelsea supported the successful formation of two historic districts (Lamartine Place and the West Chelsea Historic District).

Save Chelsea worked hand-in-hand with PS 11’s Parent Association for the successful return of the entire building to use by the primary school.

Save Chelsea supports the proponents of the West 20th Street Park in seeking a solution that will allow for both a park and affordable housing.

Several months ago, Save Chelsea sponsored a town meeting on behalf of Borough President Scott Stringer. On an on-going basis, we act as an informal link with all of Chelsea’s elected officials. During the past year, with our newly redesigned website (savechelsea.com), as well as our Save Chelsea Newsletter, the avenues of communication regarding both our activities and local issues have greatly expanded.

Save Chelsea is also currently supporting or sponsoring The Chelsea Garden Club, Project Trees, the Jack-O-Lantern Composting Project and the renewal plans of the General Theological Seminary.

Save Chelsea, along with many other civic groups, does oppose granting the current owners of the Chelsea Market building a zoning change that would allow for gross overdevelopment.  We do not believe that the Special West Chelsea Zoning District should be dismantled merely because one private company wants to increase its profitability.

The 1993 “Save Chelsea” referred to in your October 5 letter (actually “Save Chelsea/Close Home Bass”) directed all its efforts to closing down one notoriously violent nightclub on the 500 block of West 19th Street. The Save Chelsea of today is a totally different organization, promoting a wide array of initiatives for the improvement of the quality of life for everyone in Chelsea. We are no more “against everything” than we are a “mutant.”

Lesley Doyel and Justin Hoy, Co-Presidents of Save Chelsea