Schumer and Boxer settle Stanley Cup bet

Schumer gave her a case of Brooklyn lager and soft pretzels.

Sen. Chuck Schumer settled his Stanley Cup wager with his California counterpart Barbara Boxer Tuesday, when he gave her a case of Brooklyn lager beer and New York soft pretzels from the Madison Square Garden area.

Schumer took a picture of himself holding the case with his head down on his Instagram page.

“Sad to say we didn’t bring home the #StanleyCup, but NYers always stick to their word,” he posted. Later the two senators were photographed enjoying the free snacks in her Washington, D.C., office. “Thanks @SenSchumer for settling our #StanleyCup bet, even if you forgot the mustard!” she tweeted.

The move came after Mayor Bill de Blasio settled his own score with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti by appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to sing Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” on Monday night and providing the show’s audience with hot dogs.

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