Scoopy’s Notebook, Oct. 6, 2016

Astrologer Angel Eyedealism predicted that she was really going to enjoy this matcha treat at Rose and Basil. She was sporting a bra headress — to mirror her bra bra — that was illuminated with Christmas lights and decorated with plastic dragons and lizards. Eat your hearts out, Kardashians! Photos by Stacie Joy

Sweet spot: Rose and Basil, a new vegan dessert cafe at 107 E. Seventh St., seems to be the place to be for hip performance artists. The spot has already been open a little while, but they threw an open house for media types and others last week. Among those munching on the delicious in-house-made concoctions were Elizabeth Ruf-Maldonado and Angel Eyedealism. What was being served looked like little round towers, but those are just for special events. Usually, the cakes are a little bigger and wider and sell for around 10 bucks. And they’re very good! Varieties range from hazelnut and chocolate to matcha (green tea) and more. The owner, Ioana Holt, incredibly makes everything by herself each morning. As for Angel Eyedealism, she said her astrology business is booming, and she’s going to soon “give birth” to a new book on the Lower East Side’s legendary Rivington School of art, which festooned local gardens with sculptures. However, what she still really wants to know is why did a certain East Village musician decide to pull the plug on her theremin performance at 6 & B Garden a while back? Why? Why? Why? No one seems to know. Perhaps it was a bad experience at a Led Zeppelin concert?

Some of the roses who were at the Rose and Basil party.


Rose and Basil and selfie — though taken by friendie.

Umm…Cancel that! His bronchitis was a bit better this week, so John Quinn was able to explain to us that his wife, Alice Cancel, the current 65th District assemblymember, will indeed be on the ballot on Nov. 8 versus Democratic nominee Yuh-Line Niou. But it’s not a vanity thing, and Cancel is not running an active campaign, he explained. Basically, she secured the Women’s Equality Party line for the general election in advance of the primary election, in which Niou defeated her. That’s usually the way it works, in terms of getting on the ballot, he explained. What he still can’t explain, though (it’s as much a mystery as Angel Eyedealism’s “theremin incident”) is why it was so hard for Cancel to raise funds, unlike Niou, who was swimming in contributions. “We couldn’t raise any money,” he said. “We were being blocked.” But who was blocking them? we asked. “There was pressure from people…Queens, Chinatown…,” Quinn responded gravely. Hmm…well, we’d like to see something more definitive about that. … Maybe it was the yetis who invaded the Flatiron District on Tuesday?