The Day After Plan

Throngs of demonstrators begin to leave Union Square. Photo by Zach Williams.
Photo by Zach Williams

BY REV. CATHY TOWLE | As a spiritual person, I do not recall a moment in history where so many of us have had to take the bitter pill of defeat and broke our teeth on it so squarely. I know that many people are struggling to make sense of the surprise of this election, and what it potentially means in reality for this country. In this important moment, we have a choice. We are all in pain, but it’s what we do next that counts. Let’s not waste another moment in vilifying or pointing the finger. Let’s use that anger to move on and heal this thing. We are shocked, but we cannot really address something until we allow ourselves to see that extent of the darkness that surrounds it. We have seen that pain today and I for one stand with it and intend to heal it.

You might ask how we do this. It is going to take great presence of mind. It is calling on us to take a wild ride, to step into chaos. If we can step into this moment, feel the darkness of all the emotions, and ground ourselves, then we will have the courage to listen to our fellow countrymen and women who voted their fears. In the present moment there is no fear. There is no agenda. It is just now. It is the breath. Stand still and feel it. Let it calm you.

There is wisdom in this moment. The freedom of the present will allow us to pivot, to hit the ground running. Letting go of shame and blame, we can harness our anger and dread and get to work. Let’s listen deeply to those who chose the chaotic course, and find out how we can move away from hatred into love. Let’s be awake and present enough together — to feel the pain of acknowledging it, and let that inspire us to take the high road. Because for us, that’s all there is. Let our love for this country inspire us to heal the divide.

I’m in. Are you?

Rev. Cathy Towle is a writer, speaker, psychic medium, and shaman. She teaches eco-spirituality and sustainable ethics, and works privately with clients in Brooklyn. As an interfaith minister, she is on the executive council of the NGO Committee for Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns – NY at the UN. Visit cathytowle.com.