NYC’s best neighborhoods for first-time home buyers

amny washington heights top 1st buyers nabe
Washington Heights had an total inventory of 301 homes available for first-time home buyers in 2015. Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

It may come as no small surprise that there are relatively affordable homes for sale to first-time buyers in nearly every borough of New York City.

That’s according to a new report from StreetEasy that looked at 2015 listings to find which neighborhoods were the best bets for first-time buyers. Setting their baseline at $524,050, they found 13,518 listings at or below that price.

As you might expect, neighborhoods further from midtown Manhattan had larger affordable inventories.

But there were five standouts: Riverdale, in the Bronx; Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn; Forest Hills, Queens; Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; and Washington Heights, Manhattan.