Best CBD Vape Pen 2022 – Great On-Demand CBD Hits for Relaxation, Sleep & Anxiety

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Although CBD vape pens may have started as a popular trend, now that CBD can be inhaled for faster effects, it’s become a part of healthy lifestyles for many CBD users. With different flavors and different vape juices to try, some CBD vape pen users have become connoisseurs of sorts. Other, more casual users may prefer to use CBD vape pens they can easily dispose of and may just purchase a couple for convenience to use as needed. But if you are really into CBD vape pens, you know there are some amazing tools you can purchase in today’s market. Maybe you’ve been using disposable vape pens and are ready to explore refillable CBD vape pens. A premium and long-lasting CBD vape pen can completely elevate your experience.

Wherever you stand, whether you’re checking out CBD vape pens for curiosity or you’re a more experienced user, you’ll find a way to upgrade your CBD vape pen with the companies we list below. We let you know what the best CBD vape pen looks like for your needs, and we cover a wide range of products for you to select from. We start by letting you know how we made this list and then we share some pros and cons of each brand. We’ll also give you a description of each product and we’ll finish off the article by answering your most frequently asked questions.

Top 6 CBD Vape Pens

  1. CBDFx – Editor’s Choice for Best CBD Vape Pen
  2. Extract Labs – Close Second
  3. CBD.co – Worthy Mention 
  4. Just CBD – Delta 8 Options
  5. Omura CBD – Heat Not Burn
  6. Quant Vapor – Nice Design

Top 6 Brands for CBD Vape Pens – Reviews

CBDFx – Editor’s Choice for Best CBD Vape Pen


  • CBD vape pen made in the USA
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Third-party tested CBD vape pens
  • Discount codes available (up to 25% off)


  • Due to popular demand, some of the best CBD vape pens may run out of stock 

Product Highlights

CBDFX has expanded its product list to include CBD plus delta-9 THC vape pens. These CBD pens are disposable and contain 2.5 mg of THC per pen along with full-spectrum CBD. You get approximately 400 puffs per pen, and they come in two flavors: wedding cake and Maui wowie. Maui wowie is a sativa strain while wedding cake is a hybrid strain. These come with a warning because they may cause a psychotropic effect. You must be 21 or older to enjoy these vapes.

They offer a CBN plus delta-9 THC vape pen that contains 2.5 mg of THC per pen along with 15 mg of CBN per pen. This disposable vape pen doesn’t require charging and has a ceramic coil with 1 mL of CBD liquid. The flavor is purple punch, and the THC strain is indica.

If you’re just looking for a CBD vape pen, you can stick with any one of their available flavors, including strawberry lemonade, OG Kush, tropic breeze, pineapple express, or blue raspberry. Each of these contains 250 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and offers smooth hits with expertly crafted all-natural flavors. These are also disposable CBD vape pens and contain approximately 400 puffs.

About the Company

CBDFX has been dominating the CBD industry since 2014 when they were founded. Each CBD vape pen features the finest organic hemp, grown in the US. They use CBD extraction methods that are the cleanest currently available so you can rest easy knowing their CBD oil is pure, with no residual solvents or other contaminants. They keep expanding their product list to include innovations and their website is easy to navigate and extremely informative. CBDFX is generous with its discount codes, and you’ll always find a way to save up to 25% on your orders.

Click here for more about CBDfx.com

Extract Labs – Close Second


  • Full-spectrum CBD vape pen
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Third-party tested CBD vape pens
  • Private reserve strains


  • Popular flavors sell out and you may need to wait a bit before they’re restocked 

Product Highlights

Extract Labs offers nine delta-9 extract tanks that contain CO2 extracted CBD, CBG, and delta-8, depending on the specific tank you select.

Try out the Martian candy extract tank to experience the otherworldly indica vibes in this full-spectrum oil. It contains an herbaceous blend of flavors including eucalyptus along with a pinch of Martian dust. If you prefer a CBD-only version of this strain, Extract Labs has you covered.

The El jefe extract tank contains delta-8, CBD, and CBG. It has an earthy flavor with undertones of lemon and spice. Each tank contains 500 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. There’s also a CBD tank version of this strain sans the Delta-8.

The Ogre Berry extract tank has notes of hops, herbs, and pepper that combine well for a familiar experience that also pops.

God’s gift CBD extract tank has earthy and citrus notes with a bit of grape intertwined. The flavor is divine, dreamy, and blissful all at once. It contains CBD, CBT, and CBG.

The sour ghost extract tank has flavors of citrus, herbs, and mountain pine. The cannabis terpenes in this tank are extracted in-house and contain delta-8, CBD, and CBG for 500 mg of full-spectrum hemp.

The guava jam extract tank is very similar to its close cousin gelato and is the perfect strain to keep you calm and focused on a busy day. It contains CBD, CBT, and CBG.

The blue dream extract tank is a sativa dominant hybrid and has a sweet berry aroma. This is one of the top customer favorites and contains CBD, CBT, and CBG.

You can also purchase an extract tank battery kit that comes with a 510 thread battery and a USB charger to use with any one of your tanks. The battery itself has a neat design that reads “elevate yourself.”

About the Company

Extract Labs offers the highest-quality, premium extract tanks with powerful flavors and strains. They expertly blend different cannabinoids to provide you with potent, unmistakable benefits. They offer free domestic shipping on orders over $60 and their website is clean, easy to use, and descriptive. Lab results are available directly beneath each product and when you purchase any four tanks, you can save 20% off at checkout.

Click here for more about ExtractLabs.com

CBD.co – Worthy Mention


  • Marketplace website for vape pens
  • Wide CBD vape pens variety
  • New customers save 10%
  • Easily filter vapes by categories


  • Newbies may be overwhelmed by the selection 

Product Highlights

CBD.co has a huge product range. You can find brands like Eco-Therapy CBD, Select CBD, Pinnacle Hemp, CBDFX, and Foria Wellness just to name a few. Their CBD vapes are sorted by bestsellers but you can also sort by featured, newest items, and by price. Depending on the time of year, you can find generous discount codes at the top of the page. You can also filter by brand if you already know the CBD company you’re looking for.

You’ll find products like the Hybrid CBD strawberry relief vape pen that contains 250 mg of CBD. There’s also a citrus variety by the same brand available that contains 250 mg of CBD.

The number one bestseller on this website is the Eco-Therapy CBD vape pen. It’s disposable and contains 500 mg of CBD. Blended with essential oils and healthy terpenes, this CBD vape pen has a hint of citrus.

About the Company

CBD.co is your CBD marketplace. It’s a great website to go to when you already feel familiar with CBD vape pens. It’s a one-stop-shop where you can check out multiple brands, strains, and flavors without having to visit multiple websites to enter your delivery and payment information. Aside from the convenience of having multiple brands on one website, you also get free shipping on orders over $50. If you’re looking for additional CBD products to incorporate into your bundle, you’ll find a wide selection of tinctures, drinks, topicals, and even CBD for pets.

Click here for more about CBD.co

Just CBD – Delta 8 Options


  • Potent strains and flavors
  • Delta-8 THC and CBD vape pen
  • Subscribe and save on your orders
  • Disposable vape pens


  • Delta and CBD products have different websites 

Product Highlights

Just CBD offers CBD vape batteries for purchase. These are 510 standard vape pens designed for cartridges only. They have a sleek design with an elegant twist, and each comes with a USB charger. All you need is 2 to 3 hours of charging and the vape is ready to go with five clicks. You’ll get the most out of your CBD because of the battery life these vapes offer. They come in several different colors including rose gold, black, blue, and gold.

Pair the vapes with Just Delta-8 disposable cartridges. These cartridges contain 1000 mg of delta-8 and come in several different flavors. Try bubble gum galaxy, a hybrid strain with a sweet flavor that will bring a little bit of nostalgia to your vaping experience. It tastes like bubblegum and produces a mellow body high.

For a sativa strain, try the solar flare lemonade cartridge, which delivers a pleasant body buzz. It’s ideal for enjoying in the evening when you can chill out.

Space walker is an Indica strain that creates an uplifting effect. Whenever you’re feeling a little off, you can count on this strain to create a gentle body high and turn your frown upside down.

Pineapple express is a hybrid strain that gives you a giggly, uplifted, energetic, and creative high. Its fragrance is sweet and tropical with a bit of cedar and citrus.

Strawberry cough is a sativa strain that’ll get you feeling happy, uplifted, and euphoric. It has a sweet berry fragrance and with just one or two small puffs, you’ll be feeling amazing.

The final disposable delta-8 cartridge that you can find on this website is zKittlez, an Indica strain that helps you feel relaxed, calm, and is perfect for unwinding at the end of the night.

About the Company

Just CBD provides you with the type of battery you need to make the most out of your Just Delta-8 disposable cartridges. Their product descriptions are pristine, letting you know what effects you can expect, what ingredients are included in the cartridges, and they give you suggested use instructions. They describe each product playfully, providing you with the information you need on the fragrance, the flavor, and the type of high you can expect to experience. If you fall in love with a certain strain, you can buy the cartridges in six-packs to save on your purchase!

Click here for more about JustCBD.com

Omura CBD – Heat Not Burn


  • Award-winning
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Multiple colors
  • Smooth CBD vape pens 


  • May not be available in your state (check the fine print)

Product Highlights

The Series X by Omura is the first of its kind. It uses heat-not-burn technology so you can pack it with whole flower and enjoy a smooth vaping experience. It uses a patented heat curve that gently heats flower and was designed to be slim and compact. It’s small but technically sophisticated and mighty. Each device comes with a matching charging base and with its award-winning design, you’ll want to display it. You can purchase a Series X bundle that comes with the Series X device itself and two empty stick packs, which contain 12 empty sticks. The sticks are what hold the whole flower and they are injected into the device for vaping.

About the Company

The Series X by Omura has been featured in publications like Forbes, Engadget, and Gear Patrol. Omura CBD is all about the new generation of vaping. They give you the convenience of filling your own sticks so that you can experience the whole flower like never before. The device contains dual ovens, so you can switch between temperature settings to optimize for taste or potency. This device is for those who are ready to upgrade their whole flower smoking ritual.

Click here for more about Omura.com

Quant Vapor


  • Vaporizer kit can be used with whole flower
  • Multiple unique styles 
  • Add luxury to your vaping experience
  • Maximizes flavor 


  • A refillable vaporizer is more expensive than disposable options

Product Highlights

Quant Vapor offers five vaporizers with unique, high-end designs. Each features a stainless steel chamber with 0.2g material capacity. It makes your whole flower or oil last longer with higher efficiency. Each product box comes with one vaporizer, one cleaning brush, a silicone mouthpiece, tweezers, a USB cable, a quartz tank, a packing tool, and a user manual. Choose between a wood finish, a black matte finish, white marble, Nero Marquina marble, or matte white. These vaporizers are designed to switch on with five clicks and have a max temperature of 430°F.

About the Company

The Quant Vapor website is easy to navigate. They usually have at least one of the vaporizer styles on sale. They provide a detailed product description and a video beneath each vaporizer style. Customers rave about the product, stating it’s much better than they expected and noting how much less odor is noticeable when smoking. The design fits easily in the palm of your hand and the elegant finishes are visually attractive.

How Did We Select These 6 Brands?

To find a high-quality CBD vape pen, whether it’s a disposable CBD vape pen or a refillable CBD vape pen, we had to create a set of criteria for focus. The CBD industry is booming and there are lots of manufacturers trying to make a quick buck. To find brands that know what they’re doing when it comes to vaping CBD, this is what we looked for:

Clean Website Interface

Surely, you’ve visited a website that’s too chaotic and makes you click away before you even have a chance to explore it. We only chose brands that have clean website interfaces and that make purchasing the best CBD vape pens from them fun and easy.

High-Quality Ingredients

A disposable CBD vape pen comes filled with CBD vape juice already, which means they should only be using the highest quality ingredients. We chose brands that test their products and provide you with those lab results for transparency.

Product Variety

Whether you are looking for disposable CBD vape pens, refillable vapes, or both, we wanted to provide you with a wide range of the best CBD vape pens to select from.


Not everyone wants to be a connoisseur. Maybe you just want a couple of disposable CBD vape pens for casual use. Whether you’re looking to invest in a long-term product or just want to try out new flavors, you’ll find a price point that works for your budget.

How to Choose the Best Refillable or Disposable CBD Vape Pens

When selecting the best CBD vape pen for yourself, there are a couple of items you should consider. First, you should know if you are interested in disposable CBD vape pens or if you’re ready to invest in refillable CBD vape pens. Once you know that, you’ll know which direction to go. Additionally, consider the following:

CBD Vape Pen Potency and Flavors

When you vape CBD, you’ll need to get acquainted with the potency options. Some CBD vapes may have potency options as low as 250 mg while others may go higher around 1000 mg of CBD per vape pen. In lower concentrations, vaping CBD tends to produce an energized, uplifted feeling, and in higher concentrations, you’ll find that vaping CBD has more of a calming and relaxing effect, perfect for evening use. You’ll also be able to discover new flavors. Some of you may prefer the natural flavor of hemp which is earthy and herbaceous while others may prefer sweeter flavors that are more berry-like or taste like candy.

CBD Vape Pen Strains

Both CBD and delta-8 have specific strains that dictate the experience you have when you Vape. A CBD vape pen, especially when combined with other cannabinoids like delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, or CBG, will have a very specific set of effects. Make sure to read the product description thoroughly to understand what you can expect with each different strain. Some strains are perfect for creative activities and can be the perfect complement when you sit down to write, sit down to paint, or decide to engage in any other kind of creative activity. Other strains are ideal for nighttime use when you’re ready to relax and unwind before bed. And still, some strains are perfect for daytime use and can keep you focused and energized throughout the day while you tackle all your responsibilities.

CBD Vape Pen Brand Transparency

You only find a good CBD vape when you find a reputable brand. Just because a company has a website and they’re marketing their products as CBD vape pens doesn’t mean that they’re following through with their due diligence to create high-quality products. A good CBD vape and CBD vape juice must go through independent lab testing. All ingredients should be clearly itemized on the brand’s website, and you should also have a clear understanding of the potency, the type of CBD and other cannabinoids in the formula, and what effects you can expect with use.

CBD Vape Pen Pricing

Another important consideration is how much you want to spend on your CBD vape. If you’re interested in something easy that you can dispose of after you’re done using it, disposable vapes will be your best bet. Disposables are more cost-effective upfront and if you’re not a heavy CBD vape user, these may be the best options for your budget. If you are completely invested in vaping CBD, you may find that a refillable option is more cost-effective for you long term. With a refillable option, you can use CBD vape oil or whole flower and can maximize your vaping experience with a higher-end device. Some devices are best used with whole flower instead of CBD vape oil so be sure to check the product description. If you’re still unsure which option is best, start with disposables and when you’re ready to commit, you can switch over to a refillable vaporizer.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Vape Pens?

The primary benefit of CBD vape pens is how quickly you can experience the effects. Other CBD products like capsules, oils, or gummy products take longer to take effect. If you want fast relief, you can use a CBD vape pen while enjoying the flavor and the experience of smoking. CBD is used for a variety of reasons, including:

CBD Vape Pen for Pain Relief

CBD works both as an anti-inflammatory and as an analgesic, which offers pain relief to those who need it the most. Whether it’s something minor like a headache or something chronic, a CBD vape pen can deliver fast relief for whatever your ailment is.

CBD Vape Pen for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety can peak at the most inopportune times. If you are the type of person who deals with anxiety on a regular basis or who experiences anxiety during specific events, CBD vape pens can help release the tension you feel and allow you to remain present, alert, and focused enough to tackle whatever is ahead of you.

CBD Vape Pen for Stress Relief

Some people take nicotine smoke breaks while others check out at happy hour to deal with their stress. CBD vape pens are different in that they induce a state of calm and deliver other helpful benefits as well. You can enjoy the act of smoking while relishing the soothing effects of CBD. CBD pens are a great go-to for regular stress management. You’ll find that you can handle whatever life throws your way with greater ease and with an improved mood.

CBD Vape Pen for Sleep Support

A CBD vape pen is also fantastic, depending on the strain and potency, for sleep support. It’s not always easy to unwind at the end of the night, especially if you’ve had a tough day. Sometimes insomnia hits and you find yourself dragging your feet the next morning. To prevent that, you can use the perfect CBD vape juice to get you into that state of relaxation that eases you into sweet dreams.

CBD Vape Pen for Focus

A CBD vape pen can also be the perfect accompaniment for your daytime activities. Whether you need to focus on a specific task at work or you’re embarking on a creative project that requires your full attention, CBD vape oil can help give you that calm, focused energy that has you powering through your tasks.

How to Use a Disposable or Refillable CBD Vape Pen?

If it’s a CBD vape pen you can dispose of, it’s ready to use right out of the packaging. Simply start puffing on the pen and you’ll immediately start seeing those billowy clouds of smoke. If you’re using a refillable CBD vape pen device, you’ll need to follow the user manual instructions. Typically, you have to wait for the coil to heat sufficiently before you can begin using the device. Since refillable devices have several different components, it’s best you thoroughly review the instructions before you start vaping.

Potential Side Effects of Vaping CBD

Research is lacking when it comes to CBD vape pen use, so the best you can do is make sure you’re only purchasing devices from reputable suppliers. Good companies make sure they test their products for safety, which lessens any risk you take when vaping. The same thing with CBD vape juice, if you have a refillable device, you’ll need to purchase either whole flower or vape juice to fill it. On the other hand, CBD is generally well-tolerated in healthy adults. Side effects are uncommon and mild when experienced and may include:


If you’re taking CBD in high doses, you will find that it has a drowsy effect. If you’re using CBD for sleep support, then that’s perfect! However, if you are looking to vape CBD during the day, you may want to explore taking it in lower doses.


Gastrointestinal upset may happen when you vape CBD. If that’s the case for you, you may find that trying a different flavor could help or you may need to lower the concentration of the CBD vape pen you’re using.

Changes in Appetite

Some CBD users experience changes in appetite when they vape CBD. If you’re looking for help with weight management, this side effect could support your goals; however, if you notice that your appetite is changing your weight in an unhealthy way, you may need to discontinue use of the products.

Keep in mind that CBD does interact with certain medications so if you are currently taking anything, please consult with your doctor before you begin vaping CBD as part of your health regimen.

Will a CBD Vape Produce a Body or Head High?

If it’s just a CBD Vape, the answer is no. However, in this article, we included CBD vapes with delta-8 and delta-9 THC. Especially with vapes that have delta-9 THC, you can expect to experience a mild psychotropic high when you vape the CBD pen. Depending on the strain, you may experience a sense of euphoria along with an uplifted mood. This is usually the case with sativa strains and some hybrid strains as well. Indica strains may produce more of a gentle body high that feels like you’re relaxing in a hot bath. If you’re not interested in experiencing any type of high, subtle as it may be, be sure to purchase CBD pens that only contain CBD and other cannabinoids, without THC.


You now have a solid selection of the best CBD vape pens available on the market today. When you vape CBD, you’ll get to experience a full aromatic smoking ritual with a variety of different flavors. If you’re ready to explore CBD alongside delta-8 or delta-9 THC, you’ll learn to bask in the subtle psychotropic, legal high those vapes produce. The best CBD pens are online, waiting for you to put in your cart to be delivered right to your mailbox!