Why Your CBD Concentration Matters (And The Price Too!)

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Strongest CBD. Best prices. Let’s take a look at how much concentration matters.

When you take a look at a nutrition label, you’re seeing how much, or little, of each ingredient is in the product. You might be looking for how much protein is in a granola bar or how many calories are in a chocolate bar. But do you notice how strong your CBD products are? Understanding your CBD product concentration is important to unlocking the full benefits of CBD. Let’s take a look at how much concentration, or potency, matters.

What Is High-Potency CBD?

Potency in CBD is measured in terms of milligrams. To determine how much concentration is in each dose of CBD, you can check the label or calculate it yourself: [How much total CBD mg in the bottle] divided by [number of servings in the bottle] = number of milligrams of CBD you are taking if you take one full dose.

High-potency CBD simply means the product contains more milligrams than a traditional CBD product. This means with each serving, you are getting more CBD. And the more CBD available to your body, the more benefits you get.

Better yet, cbdMD has launched a new pricing policy that keeps even the most potent products under $100 a bottle. You won’t find high-quality CBD products at a lower price anywhere else. It all comes down to more bang for your buck!

The “Extra Strength Solution” for Your Body

More CBD means more benefits and supportive care for your body and mind. With a stronger product, such as our high-potency CBD products, your body can combat stress, improve sleep, and support your daily wellness with ease.

Does an extra strength solution sound like exactly what you need? Let’s take a look at some of cbdMD’s products that are now offered with 6000 mg per bottle.

Have a sweet tooth? Indulge in tropical and fruity flavors, while benefiting your body with Full Spectrum Gummies. These are the same delicious, bestselling treats that support full-body wellness, just with more to offer.

Rather stick to the basics? Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures are exactly what you’re looking for. The classic delivery method of cbdMD’s natural wellness is oil infused with hemp extract, which is exactly the simple design of these tinctures. The liquid form lets you have the flexibility to either mix the oil in your favorite cup of coffee or drop it right on your tongue for the fastest results. Simple, easy and quick to use!

Full Spectrum Capsules are another standard way to get all the benefits with the most convenience. Just take two capsules and feel the calming, rejuvenating powers of CBD+THC all day and night.

Does life keep you busy? cbdMD understands. With Broad Spectrum Softgel Capsules you’ll have a no-mess, easy-to-swallow pill that’s perfect for life on the go. Each softgel contains 200 mg of superior formula that you can see yourself with the clear capsule. Take two pills twice a day, or whenever you need a boost, to take your daily routine to the next level.Right now, cbdMD is offering an extra discount on many broad and full spectrum products, so head to their website to take the first step in your wellness journey. Everyday wellness doesn’t have to break the bank!