Icy Ventures determined to bring diversity to NHL as Bobby Shmurda attends Islanders game

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Bobby Shmurda Icy Ventures Islanders
Bobby Shmurda takes in Tuesday night’s Islanders game at UBS Arena. (Kyle Sweeting/AMNY)

Rap superstar Bobby Shmurda turned up the heat at Tuesday night’s New York Islanders game where he was invited by Icy Ventures — a management, consulting, and advising company that is helping to bridge the gap between traditional hockey culture and hip-hop culture, creating a more inclusive environment.

Icy Ventures, owned by Josh Stone, Troy Stone, and Shaun McGee, are managers, consultants, and cultural advisors who are passionate about bringing hip-hop culture to NHL communities.

Through their efforts, they are helping to create a more inclusive environment in a league that has seen little to no diversity.

Bobby Shmurda Stone Brothers
Troy Stone (Left) Bobby Shmurda (Middle) Josh Stone (Right) Credit: Jason Schwartz

Hockey is a sport that has traditionally been dominated by white men but in recent years, there have been efforts to increase diversity within the sport. Icy Ventures’ efforts were noticed by fans at UBS Arena, who were delighted to see Shmurda at Tuesday night’s game.

Bobby Shmurda Islanders
Bobby Shmurda with a young Islanders fan (Kyle Sweeting/AMNY)

The 28-year-old recording artist hails from Brooklyn, gaining recognition for his unique style of rap music and his advocacy for social justice issues.

He’s also a famous face one wouldn’t usually see at a hockey game. Regardless, the high-energy recording artist created a noticeable buzz at UBS Arena where fans began to line up during the game for pictures and autographs. He even spent some time with Islanders co-owner Jon Ledecky.

Shmurda with Islanders co-owner Jon Ledecky. (Kyle Sweeting/AMNY)

Icy Venture’s work with the Islanders as cultural advisors is paving the way for a new audience and demographic to be exposed to hockey. From pop star Madison Beer to Shmurda, Icy Ventures is providing valuable insight into how different cultures can be embraced within the game.

By introducing hip-hop culture to hockey, Icy Ventures is helping to create a more diverse and inclusive sport for everyone involved.

“Stepping into 2023, the NHL has to get with the times or get left behind,” Josh Stone said. “We are here to bridge that gap and I just want to thank Mr. Ledecky for believing in my company’s vision.”

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